Sean Connery, Juliet Gracko, Guiscard or Maradona, missing 2020 –

Sean Connery, Juliet Gracko, Guiscard or Maradona, missing 2020 -

Sacred cinema monsters like Sean Connery, Michele Piccoli or Kirk Douglas, sports stars like Maradona or Kobe Bryant, or even singer Juliette Gracco and former French President Valerie Guissard de-Esting are all famous people who have passed away . During the previous year.


– 26: Kobe Bryant, 41 years. The former Lakers basketball player, his sporting legend and five-time NBA champion, died in a helicopter crash, causing a shock wave of planets in the sports world.

>> 7:30 pm Dedicated to the death of Kobe Bryant:

Planetary shock wave following the disappearance of Kobe Bryant, basketball icon and his daughter. / 7:30 pm / 2 min. / 27 January 2020

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– 31: Mary Higgins Clarke, Is 92 years old. The queen of the American thriller followed a bestseller during her career, writing nearly fifty books, selling 100 million copies, including more than 80 million in the United States.

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– 5: Kirk Douglas, Is 103 years old. One of Hollywood’s last holy monsters went into legend with “Path to Glory” and “Spartacus”.

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– 25: Happy hosni, Is 91 years old. Joe, who had been president of Egypt between 1981 and 2011, was forced to resign after the Arab Spring. Till this popular uprising he ruled the country with an iron fist.

>> 7:30 pm theme dedicated to Hosni Mubarak:

Former Egyption President Hosni Mubarak died in Cairo.  He was 91 years old. [RTS]
Former Egyption President Hosni Mubarak died in Cairo. He was 91 years old. / 7:30 pm / 2 min. / 25 February 2020

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– 8: Max von sido, Is 90 years old. The old sage in “Star Wars”, Crow with three eyes in “Game of Thrones”, Ojha in the film of the same name, the Franco-Swedish actor, had also appeared in ten films of his compatriot Ingmar Bergman.

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– 24: Albert uderzo, Is 92 years old. The French cartoonist was the creator of the character Asterix alongside his friend René Goscini, one of the greatest successes in the history of comics.

>> 12:45 subject to Uderzo:

Asterix designer Albert Udero died of a heart attack at the age of 92. [RTS]
Asterix designer Albert Udero died of a heart attack at the age of 92. / 12: 45 / 2m. / March 24, 2020

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– 24: Manu Dibango, Age 76. One of the biggest planets in world music, Cameron the saxophonist, author of “Soul Makosa” (1972), is the first world celebrity to die of contamination with the coronovirus.

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– 16: Luis Sepulveda, 70 years. The exiled Chilean writer died in Spain from Kovid. He was particularly the author of “The History of the White Whale” and “Le Monde do Bout du Monde”.

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– 16: Christophe, Is 74 years old. Dandy French moved from the song, yelled “Aline” to come back and she was an unforgettable performer of “Mots Blues”.

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– 2: Hamid Cherit, this Idir, 70 years. He was one of the main ambassadors of the song Kyle worldwide.

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– 9: Richard Wayne Penniman, Little Richard, 87 years. The famous American singer of “Tutti Frutti” was one of the pioneers of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950s.

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– 12: Michele Piccoli, Is 94 years old. This monument to French cinema was famous for its roles in “Le Contempt”, “Things of Life” or more recently “Hebamus Papam”.

>> Picture of Michelle Piccoli at 7:30 pm:

Actor Michelle Piccoli died at the age of 94 [RTS]
Actor Michelle Piccoli died at the age of 94 / 7:30 pm / 2 min. / May 18, 2020

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– 28: Guy Bedos, Is 85 years old. The comedian and comedian were known for their fierce sketches, their involvement on the left and their roles in films such as “An Elephant That Give Away”.

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– 31: Christo Vladimiroff Javcheff, Det Christo, 84 years. The Bulgarian-origin plastic artist gained worldwide acclaim for his monumental achievements, including the inclusion of monuments such as the Reichstag in Berlin.

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– 8: Pierre Narcuniza, 55 years. The former President of Burundi (2005–2020), was a former Hutu rebel leader during the Civil War (1993–2006).

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– 6: Ennio Morricone, Is 91 years old. The Italian composer was the author of more than 500 film scores, most notably Sergio Leone (“Once Upon a Time in the West”, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, “Once Upon a Time” in “America”).

>> 7:30 pm theme dedicated to Ennio Morricone:

Man with death of Ennio Morricone, 500 film score and 60-year career [RTS]
Man with the death of Ennio Morricone, 500 film score and 60-year career / 19:30 / 3 min. / July 6, 2020

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– 26: Olivia de Havilland, Is 104 years old. Who was above all Melanie in the 1939 film “Gone with the Wind”, was the dean of Hollywood.

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– 2: Kaing Guek Eav, dit douch, Is 77 years old. The former head of the most formidable detention center was sentenced to life imprisonment under the Cambodian Khmer Rouge regime.

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– 10: Diana rig, Is 82 years old. The British actress was known for her unforgettable role in the series “Bowler’s Hat and Leather Boots”, but more recently, for her supporting role in “Game of Thrones”.

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– 18: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Age 87. The Dean of the US Supreme Court was a symbol of progressive leftism.

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– 23: Juliet Greco, 93 years. The French song icon, who was also an actress, was a friend of poets and musicians and embodied the spirit of the Paris artistic district of Saint-Germain-des-Preez.

>> 7:30 pm theme dedicated to Juliet Gracko:

Icon of French song, Juliette Gracco dies at 93 [RTS]
French song icon, Juliette Gracco died at the age of 93 / 7:30 pm / 2 min. / 24 September 2020

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– 30: Joaquin Salvador Lavado, Det Quino, Is 88 years old. The author of the Argentine comic book was best known for the Mafalda series, which made sharp remarks on women, dictatorship, and the state of war in the 1960s.

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– 4: Kenzo Takada, Det Kenzo, 81 years old. The most famous of Japanese couturiers was known for their floral and colorful prints. He was based in Paris.

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– 31: Sean Connery, Is 90 years old. Scottish actor James Bond was the first and unforgettable cast of Agent 007 in the film saga. Known by the Queen of England in 2000, he died in his sleep in the Bahamas.

>> Picture of Sean Connery at 7:30 pm:

Sean Connery has died at the age of 90. [RTS]
Sean Connery has died at the age of 90. / 7:30 pm / 2 min. / October 31, 2020


– 26: Diego Maradona, 60 years. The Argentine footballer, considered the best player of all time, suffered a heart attack in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. He passed through Boca Juniors, Barcelona or Naples in particular.

>> 7:30 pm theme dedicated to Maradona:

Leaning at the age of 60, Diego Maradona signs his latest coup.  World football is in mourning. [RTS]
Leaning at the age of 60, Diego Maradona signs his latest coup. World football is in mourning. / 7:30 pm / 2 min. / 25 November 2020

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– 2: Valerie Giscard D’estang, Is 94 years old. Former French head of state (1974–1981) Kovid died. The youngest President of the Republic, after being elected in 1974, was the father of many social reforms, including the legalization of abortion.

>> Picture of Valerie Guiscard de-aging in 1930:

Former French President Valerie Gascard D'steing died at the age of 94 [RTS]
Former French President Valerie Guiscard de-Aging died at the age of 94 / 7:30 pm / 3 min. / 3 December 2020

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– 7: Chuck Yeager, 97 years old. The test pilot was the first to pass the sound barrier in 1947. His feats were immortalized in the film “The Cloth of Heroes”.

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– 9: Paolo Rosi, 64 years old. The Italian football player was the 1982 World Cup hero won by his country.

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– 12: John le carre, Age 89. The British master of the Spy novel achieved international success in 1964 after the publication of “The Spy Who Came From The Cold”.

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– 22: Claude Brasseur, 84 years. Known for the dozens of characters he has played in over 100 films, the French actor has played notable roles in “La Baume” and “Camping”. They got two Kaiser.

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– 29: Pierre Cardin, Is 98 years old. The visionary was the pioneer of French couturier ready-to-wear.

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Frédéric Boillat with Afp

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