Search on FCM in progress

Search on FCM in progress

Amid the snow rush, FCM was able to train outside again on Thursday, but did not have a new coach.

Magdeburg L. Finally, 1. FC Magdeburg players would have thought, they were allowed to hit the pitch again. If only on artificial turf. And if only on a good third of the space that was cleared. Because the week of the Third Division was not only turbulent due to the resignation of coach Thomas Homang on Tuesday evening, the chaos of snow also disturbed the blue-whites. Previously, only units in the hall and in the weight room were in the program, with some training grounds cleared on Thursday – and when the temperature was below zero, things really came down to business.

A new trainer did not lead the unit, but Matthias Minku and Silvio Bankert. Houmang’s co-trainers handled the team on an interim basis until a successor was found. And the search continued intensely for Sports Director Ottmar Schork on Thursday. The club is building a low profile. Although a new coach must be presented as best he can and quickly before the away game in Türkgücü Munich at 7pm on Monday evening, Skork would also like to avoid a bang shot.

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Zigner is no longer a candidate

Ultimately, the new candidate is probably his last chance to stop the impending charge in the regional league. It is clear that a new trainer will be introduced on Friday or Saturday. But FCM had to cross a candidate from its list. According to “Sport 1”, Torsten Ziegner is not available for the coach’s office. Although he is said to have gone to the town of Elbe for talks, he does not foresee his future with the Third Division, as stated by the TV station. In “Mittledutsche Zitung” one could read that the ex-HFC trainer would “intensively investigate” a request from Magdeburg.

“Build” brought Daniel Stendell into the play. The former Hanover 96 coach, who last worked in Scotland and England, was offered a possible third division squad. It is also possible that Skork will make old contacts and call Eloise Schwartz, with whom he worked at Sandgen from 2013 to 2016.

But while the coach is being questioned, at least there has been some progress in the team. Adrian Malakowski is about to rejoin the team. Because Thor Jacobsen is banned from away games in Munich, Poole, 22, may return to the team for the first time since his back surgery in December. Timo Parthel has also been making considerable progress and has been fully integrated into team training for some time.

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In Bomhauer Advanced Training

Dustin Baumhauer was also there in June 2020 and began his training with fitness coach Lars Mertelmeier in June 2020 following a ruptured ligament. Baris Atik and Luka Sliskovic are already far ahead. But the next game will probably come very quickly for two offensive players. New options for the offensive will be good for the club in February, as Türkgücü (7th) will be followed by FCM against Worl (6th) and Wesbaden (5th).

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