Seaspasion, a stunning documentary on industrial fishing

Seaspasion, a stunning documentary on industrial fishing

Following the Cowspiracy in 2014, which revealed the loss of intensive farming, British director Ali Tabrizi examined the impact of industrial fishing with his stunning new documentary, Seaprice.

Released last week, it is one of the most watched movies on the Netflix platform. She has been praised by many celebrities, such as the Canadian singer Bryan Adams Who encouraged their fans to see him or the British cyclist Chris from Who said he was amazed by the documentary.

But Céspires is also receiving a wave of criticism, especially from speakers who participated in the film. as revealed An article from the British newspaper The GuardianRepresentatives of the sustainable fishing label Dolphin Safe and Marine Stewardship Council accused the film of distorting their words or taking them out of context. Experts and maritime organizations have condemned the inaccuracies and inaccurate figures.

Also shown in the film, marine conservation biologist Callum Roberts defended her, stating that the goal of seaspiracy is not exactly scientifically accurate. “But to show that humans cause great harm to oceans“Which is”A reality“, Says the scientist.

Seaspasion alerts us to many harmful events, such as heavy pollution of fishing nets (46% of the North Pacific waste vortex), or the problem of “bycatch”, many of which are caught unknowingly during fishing and Which usually do not even survive. After being released. According to the NGO WWF, 40% of the world’s fishing catches are unused, wasted or inaccessible. Caespires are also torpedoing permanent fishing labels, showing that they cannot guarantee that their charters are respected.

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And while a University of Kiel study predicts that fish may disappear completely from the oceans by 2050 if nothing changes, the seaspire alarm is ringing: it is important to overhaul industrial fishing models and fish globally Is necessary to reduce consumption.


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