Secrets of actor David Tennant ahead of the broadcast of “Around the World in 80 Days” in France

Secrets of actor David Tennant ahead of the broadcast of

An original broadcast on the English Channel of a Franco-Italian-Germanic co-production bbc oneOn the soundtrack the giant Hans Zimmer, Scottish actor David Tennant titled but with young Frenchman Ibrahim Koma and German Leonie Benesch.

new flagship series France 2Inspired by Jules Verne’s novelaround the world in 80 Dayscomes this monday evening primetime,

Presented in the world preview during the last Canneseries festival, the series highlights all the immense talents of its lead actor, David Tennant. The latter is impeccable in Phileas Fogg, the unique and unusual hero of Jules Verne’s novel.

How is this version of Jules Verne’s novel different?
It’s a new version of the story, With Our Sauce, with Abigail Fix, who becomes the key character as the other two, Philae Fogg and Jean Passpartout. It is rare to have such an important woman in a 19th century story. We are on an unusual trio that is a . will make Travel Whole world. This world tour is an incredible journey and, right from the start, the script was exciting, surprising, so easy to say yes to a project like this.

What is your resemblance to the character of Phileas Fogg?
I’m Scottish, not English, that’s for sure. I don’t wear a mustache, I have hair extensions for the role but we especially wanted to modernize Fogg’s character (laughs), He is a person who takes unusual risks in the beginning. I managed to identify with him, even though I had little connection with him. While it’s fun to play an Englishman, written and invented by a French, it’s essentially unusual.

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It is a major European production. What does it change for you to be the star of a job? Around the World in 80 Days,
I am grateful to the production for choosing me. Initially, I was not familiar with the work of Jules Verne. I read it a little when I was little, but for me it was like a modern fairy tale. This is a book that, even if no one has ever read it, is a part of modern history. Everybody knows him. In England, we also accept that he comes from France (laughs), It is a privilege to play such an iconic role.

How is Phyllis fog made?
To immerse myself in this role, I didn’t want to watch other movies of the genre. I didn’t want to be impressed, I wanted to give my own version of Phileas Fogg. I wanted to be a unique, innovative, new fog. And especially one who looks like me. The world was a mystery to him and I played it that way, with a kind of constant worry. In theatre, I got used to playing in period plays, we often revisit historical stories, something I suddenly got used to. Around the World in 80 Days Tells of another era, another way of traveling and is often fun to play with things from the past. My goal was to tell a certain story, my vision of Fogg, without necessarily reinventing the character.

It is a major European series that seeks to compete with giants such as Netflix, Amazon or Disney.
It is a large European production, involving three countries, it costs money but it allows you to have an international artist and compete with platforms. Ultimately, we work for the masses and this is a way to offer them high quality entertainment. I like to be surprised by the choices I can go from being a serial killer like in Of In Phileas Fogg, that’s the beauty of the work. I have always been a fan of television even before doing theatre. It was TV that inspired me to become an actor in reality. We all just spent a year 2020 watching a lot of television and we felt all that we had to offer.

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What do you like on television?
i loved the french seriese ten percent, which can be seen on Netflix worldwide. This is proof that chains are capable of transcending boundaries. I greatly admire the quality of English television because we are the means, the screenwriters and it must be admitted, the English language is a huge advantage when you aim to broadcast all over the world.

Around the World in 80 DaysThis Monday, from 9:05 pm, France 2.


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