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Director Neil Jordan’s film, Odine (2009) tells the love story between Colin Farrell, an Irish fisherman and a magnificent human-looking creature. An opportunity to dive into the legend of Selakis, these women were sealed from the Scottish archipelago of Shetland, but which are also present in Irish folklore.

These aquatic creatures have been at the center of stories surrounded by fire for centuries. One of the legends states that during the night of Saint-Jean, the Selkis Leave the aquatic environment to reach dry land. They give up again Their sealskin Discovering a physique of beautiful young girls.

Dancing in the moonlight, he did not defend himself at the mercy of men. If a man captures his animal skin, Selkie will have to obey him and become his wife.

The creature is still given a chance: if he manages to find his seal costume, he can dive again, never to reappear. Selkies disturb many fantasies that at times turn into tragic love stories.

A legend with a foamy shape

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Shetland Islands, A Scottish archipelago, would be the first place where the celikis were sighted. They have also broken Icelandic shores since then Irish, As well as the Faroe Islands.

The origin of Selki folklore is not clear. If the first written texts are of the 18th century, some people believe that we trace their creatures in the Bible during the last Judgment. Fallen angels were ready to metamorphose into animals.

For others Seal women There will actually be humans who, due to their sins, have transformed themselves into marine animals.

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Finally, narrators from Orkney, another archipelago in Scotland, believe that the Selkies originate from the souls of people submerged at the foot of the cliffs. The legend still airs today through films like Ondine, or Songs.

“Please stay awhile / Give me your coat / And we’ll fall in my boat / You’ll be my wife Selkie” Frank Black sings, continuing a romantic drama that binds a man to a dream creature.

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