Severe shortage of staff: many British clinics demand Omicron disaster

Severe shortage of staff: many British clinics demand Omicron disaster

severe shortage of staff
Many British clinics call for Omicron disaster

Several British clinics have declared a disaster due to a severe shortage of staff in relation to the Omicron version.

The BBC reported on Tuesday that at least six hospital foundations, some of which include several clinics, have already decided to take this step in view of the violent coronavirus wave. Hospitals declare a disaster when those responsible are of the opinion that they can no longer guarantee the necessary treatment.

According to the BBC, the head of the NHS Confederation, which brings together national health service organisations, Matthew Taylor, wrote in a post that “we are currently in a state of crisis in many parts of the health system”. In some hospitals, employees are already being asked to be discharged so that operations can continue. Prime Minister boris johnson acknowledged that The pressure on the health system is expected to continue for several weeks Will.

So far, however, the British government is resisting the introduction of stricter measures, despite the record number of new infections. On Monday, England and Scotland alone reported nearly 160,000 new coronavirus infections, but the number is lower due to the holidays and the number of unreported cases is likely to be higher. The seven-day event was past 1526 (until 29 December).

At the start of school in England, school principals expect massive staff losses. High number of infections are already making their mark in other sectors: According to Rail Distribution Group one in ten workers in rail traffic currently ill Reported.

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