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Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you.

Two more Warner Bros. television TV series, both by John Wells Prods, are set to resume production in Los Angeles next week. Shameless Its 11th and final season is set to begin shooting on September 8th; TNT Animal Kingdom The shooting of the season shooting will start on September ason. following. They are the first WBTV series to resume production in LA after the following Corona virusRelated shutdown, joined by CBS Sitcom Mom 14 Sept.

“Television shows are backing up in Southern California,” says Warnermedia Studios and Network Chief Ann Sarnoff Told Deadline in an interview on Thursday.


The TV studio already has a scripted series in production. Supernatural 18 Ou Gust has been shooting its last two episodes in Vancouver; HBO Max limited range Flight attendant Resumed shooting in New York this Monday; Batwoman Production on Season 2 began today in Vancouver. Is ahead Riverdale (Sept. 14), thereafter Lucifer (Late September). By the end of September, about 20 series are expected to return to WBTV production.

Ann Sarnoff Wernermedia
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“It may not be as definite as we would not have it, but I think every linear and streaming service is the same,” Saronf said of the original material pipeline disrupted by the epidemic. It’s hard to get back into production, so we can have that flow of programming to get into HBO Max and all our partners, cable channels and CW. “

TrueTV of Netflix, Amazon and Warnermedia have wrecked the previous greenlight series due to the additional costs associated with coronavirus-related shutdowns and increased production during epidemics with extended safety protocols.

Sarnoff indicated that there were no plans for another show, the production of which was postponed by COVID.

He said, “We kind of put the leftovers in between and pick up where we left off.” “We have The arrival time of the plane With Kali Cuco that we’re making with HBO Max, which I believe we have two episodes left, and Talkative girl J We are just getting started. We must, of course, review economics due to delays and bring productions back into the world, but that is something that is becoming widespread in the industry. “

HBO Max / WBTV Talkative girl The reboot is currently set to begin production in late October in New York.

Warner Bros. Television

All WBTV scripted series are creatively overseen by the studio president Susan Rowner, Which has been the subject Growing speculation That could leave the studio for a top programming job at NBC Universal. Deadline reported last week that Rowner had begun an exit conversation with Warner Bros.

Sarnoff will not discuss Rowner’s future on WBTV. “I can’t comment on speculation or rumors,” he told Deadline.

In a wide-ranging interview with Warner Bros. Theater Release. ‘ Tenet, Sarnoff, who recently handled HBO Max at WarnerMedia Shakeup, also clarified details about the Warnermax label, a joint venture launched last February between the Motion Picture Group and the new Streamer.

Originally, HBO Max’s Chief Content Officer Kevin Riley and Warner Bros. The label was overseen by Toby Emerrich, chairman of Pictures Group, but with Riley’s recent departure, “Toby will oversee American Warnermax,” Sarnoff said. In addition, the label, which was to produce 8-10 movies a year, is not a microbudget or theater-PVOD or streaming day-date label, but rather “it will be live-streaming movies instead of theater” in the near future, “Sarnoff explains. Is.

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