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A month after the premiere of his new online discussion series “Arnold Stamtisk”, Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke with Alok Sharma, the elected president of COP26, the next climate conference of the United Nations, in the second edition. Schwarzenegger talked to Sharma about “Boris Bikes”, why the subject of “pollution” should be given more importance and what Albert Einstein sees as a sign of insanity – and how such a thing can be stopped in November is.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is unlike other hosts of conferences on climate issues, said “boss” Rosen of “the real deal”, “Arnie” Sharma. Because while he was still acting as Mayor of London, he was able to launch a successful bike rental initiative, which became known as “Boris Bikes” – and which popularized its inventor Also helped to happen. For Sharma, the question is a little more provocative about how he feels about being president of something – namely the 26th COP – when many people don’t know what a COP is. Sharma replied, “Everyone will find out at the end of the year,” adding that ultimately it is about fighting climate change, the biggest challenge that humanity is currently facing.

As far as Prime Minister Johnson is concerned, he is aware of this issue. Anyway, one major difference in COP26, which takes place as a face-to-face event in Glasgow, Scotland, is that the United States will once again be a full partner here. Sharma recalled that current US President Joe Biden dealt with America’s withdrawal in the Paris Agreement as one of the first acts of office.

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Schwarzenegger again recalled that 77 percent of states that signed the Paris Agreement in 2015 were not yet able to achieve their CO2 reduction targets – and wanted to know what the COP president thinks about it. “Paris was historic,” Sharma replied, because then the world really came together – but now the time has come to implement the promises, especially in relation to the immediate climate goals. And there is already good news, with Sharma referring to the announcement by Great Britain that he wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 4 percent in Great Britain by 2035 compared to the 190 level.

Nevertheless, it will be the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, and the climate crisis remains inauspicious, as it was a quarter-century ago. Looking at this, Schwarzenegger recalled a famous quote by Albert Einstein, according to which it would be insane if one does the same thing over and over and still expects different results. In this context, Schwarzenegger’s question: “So what’s new in COP26?”. One thing was clear after “Stamatis”: Schwarzenegger and Sharma would see each other again: either at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Austrian World Summit on July 1 in Vienna, or in November at COP26, if the Conference of the Parties or the Parties Likes the conference recently with Schwarzenegger as a guest in Poland.

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