Sir Alex Ferguson answers questions from fans. Manchester united

  Sir Alex Ferguson answers questions from fans.  Manchester united

Sir Alex, Growing up in Scotland, did you always think football would be your destiny in life? Was there always something you wanted to do in your life? Thank you for everything you have done for MUFC…

Well, I speak on behalf of all the young boys in Govan and Glasgow, who were growing up, with football only as their horizon. Football every day. It was like this. There was nothing else in my life. There are many areas in Britain where you play cricket or rugby, but the only thing that mattered in Govan was to play football and play football every day of my life. there’s no doubt about it.

What was your mindset as a young footballer and how has your state of mind evolved or changed? – When did you become a manager?

No, no. Every time I played football, I wanted to win. It was the only thing that mattered. This was the winning aspect of all time. I think that was a natural thing for me. It had a lot to do with my education, but the important thing was that the internal determination made it such that when I entered the field to play, it was to win. Nothing else mattered. Of course, it is not just a matter of winning. You have to play and have fun too, but all young children like to play football. All. The most important thing was to win and he was a part of me.

Thank you for everything you have done for our wonderful club and are glad to see you back in sports and in good health. Apart from obvious talent, what is the main personality trait for you gamers?

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Some of my players were perfectly comfortable footballers with natural talent. But there were other players who shared my determination, who were probably not the best players, but became the best players, because they too had some. I remember my first defeat as a manager, at the age of 32. I did not expect that. I opened up with my eyes to the game, thinking it was going to be easy. We lost 5–2 against Albion Rovers. I was the manager of East Sterling, the players were paid £ 5 a week, or something like that. I came home and said, “If I don’t have Alec Ferguson in my team, then I’m not going to succeed.”“. So I made sure that my players had a lot of mental strength from that time on.


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