Sir David Attenborough broke the record of 1 million Instagram followers

Sir David Attenborough broke the record of 1 million Instagram followers

Sir David Attenborough breaks previous record (Photo: Instagram / David Attenborough)

Sir David Attenborough has officially been shot Jennifer Aniston’s record of being the fastest person to reach one million followers on Instagram.

The year-old naturalist made his first post since joining the app at 10 a.m. Thursday, and it reached one million followers just four hours later.

His first post has been viewed nearly seven million times at the time of writing, a number that is just about to grow, while his followers already number over 2.1 million.

Guinness World Records raps confirm he has broken previous records ‘We’re glad to confirm that this record has now been verified by us.’

The first post on Sir David’s site was an IGTV video that shared his concerns about global warming, in which his account managers Colin Buttfield and Johnny Hughes told Guinness World Records: Like this post, we’ll help you run this account. ‘

Colin and Johnny have worked with Sir David on his upcoming Netflix documentary, A Life Our Not Our Planet.

Sir David’s new record means he topped Friends star Jennifer after gaining one million followers in five hours and 16 minutes when she joined the site in October 2019.

Other record holders in the category include footballer David Beckham and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Friends found the cast again

Jennifer Aniston held this record before David (Photo: Instagram)

It’s not the only Guinness World Record, although David has the longest career as a TV presenter and the longest career as a TV naturalist, according to the site.

After making an on-screen debut in BBC Children’s Television in Animal Disguise in September 1953, it has been a favorite with viewers for more than six decades.

67 years later, it still entertains endangered viewers: facts on the BBC.

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