Six Nations: The Incredible Rebellion of France’s XV Falling on the Edge of Welsh – 6 Nations

Six Nations : L’incroyable révolte du XV de France, tombeur sur le fil des Gallois

The Blues, however, fell short by 14, the last time they denied Wales a Grand Slam at the Stade de France (32–30). They can win the tournament next Friday by defeating Scotland by more than 20 points.

At the Stade de France

Everything seemed lost. Wells led 30 to 20, after Bryce Dulin was denied a try by Paul Wilmsay for a previous foul on a clearing. The referee once again requested the video. To conclude that Montpellier’s second line touched his wiz-a-viz’s eyes. Red card. And 13 minutes to play. It was cooked.

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Then it was an incredible rebellion. This refusal to die. Thirteen crazy minutes. Where the Blues threw their last strength into a desperate fight. Pushing vigorously, they accidentally corner Welsh. English referee M. with Welsh ancestry. Pierce issued the first yellow card in Faltau (70)I), Then another for Liam Williams (73)I) Belongs to. France returns to numerical superiority, 14 against 13.

Irreducible character

At 76I, Captain Charles Ollivan Flattened. Romain Natamac adapted. 27–30. And a three-minute unbearable mystery. XV du Leek fiercely defended, refused to see 13I The Grand Slam of its history vanished on the wire. When Uini makes a hard on the Atonio 78I Minute, we think it’s over. Gelthi’s Blues conceded a second successive defeat against England after that. And then, on a tack, the French pressed forward, recovering the fine. Here we go again. The table shows 81 minutes and 36 seconds when the table is flattened in one corner. Victory in the time of stagnation. No Grand Slam for Welsh. And the Blues who beat Scotland by a margin of 21 points can win the tournament next Friday. Not obvious, but not impossible for this team with a rude character.

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In the first half, already, two teams had surrendered for the blow. Strength test by Romain Taofifenua (6)I) Answers that Dan Biggar (11I) Belongs to. Antoine DuPont puts the Blues back in front of Dual-Jalibert (13)I) Belongs to. Navadi’s turn to score strongly (18)I) Belongs to. 14-14, place for scorer. Dan Biggar puts Welsh in front of the score (24)I) Belongs to. Romain Ntack, who returned from a union victim Matthew Jalibert (from Jonathan Davis to Kuhni), tied the two teams (33)I) Belongs to. For the parity score, 17–17, at the break. It could be worse if Charles Olivan would not have slipped his hand under the ball placed by Gareth Davis to save a try in his goal (9)I) Belongs to. Nothing was done then. Make way for the second half of the anthology. And for a breakthrough on the wire that will be remembered for a long time.


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