Six Nations Tournament: What XV of France must face Scotland to become holy

Six Nations Tournament: What XV of France must face Scotland to become holy

The end of the rapture, it is a time of cold and rational accounts. By overthrowing Wales with an offensive bonus on Saturday 20 March in the evening (32–30), France’s XV offered the possibility of winning the Six Nations rugby tournament against Scotland on the evening of Friday 26 March, postponed after a wave of Kovid 19. Among the blues. But be careful, it will not be easy. In a mathematically clear scenario, Fabian Galthey’s men would win by an offensive bonus and a margin of at least 21 points. This would allow them to erase the current delay of 20 point-average units (+ 61) for the XV point leaks against the equivalent of 20 points in the Welsh general classification and + 41 for the French.

A combination of factors that will ensure the first tricolor crown in the competition since 2010. But what if the Blues won with an offensive bonus and with a stack of 20 points, which would put both teams equal on point-average? It will all depend on the number of tests conducted against the Scots, he says Rule Of the tournament of six countries.

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The text states that, in this case, the two tied teams are separated by the number of times they enter the finish point in the competition. For now, Wales have scored 20 tries, and the Blues 15. So for France’s XV to win the tournament it will be necessary to enter at least six trials in this configuration on Friday.

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A case where the trophy is shared

What if it’s five tries and a 20 point difference? Well, that would be the perfect analogy between the French and the Welsh. And there will be two winners. “If even after all this a winner cannot be decided then the championship is divided between the teams”, the rule states. A situation unprecedented since 1988, when … the Blues and Welsh were eliminated at the head of the tournament, but at a time when there were no rules to decide between teams that had the same number of wins.

Friday, the Blues naturally could not win the trophy if they win without a bow, draw, bonus, or win less than 20 points. In the latter case, they ranked second on the point average for the second time in a row. Last year, Fabian Galthi’s men had to win an offensive bonus and against Ireland to overtake England with at least 31 points. He eventually won the meet with an eight-point lead (35-27).

“It’s the big challenge that awaits us, the three-quarter center tricolor underlines Arthur Vincent. If we pick it up, something spectacular can await us.” “We watched the game of Scotland (Editor’s note: 52-10 won against Italy on Saturday), This is a very good team that has played for quite a few years, underlining his compatriot Gayle Fickau. We have been struggling against them lately, even though we won on their ground last time. (editor’s Note: 15-22 in November during the Nations Cup). We’re going to focus on winning, and we’ll see what happens. “

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