“So cute, very charming and a little scary”: Frederick Begbeder talks about his relationship with Laura Smet

Invited to the show by Michelle Denisot mouse On Europe 1, Saturday 22 May, Friedrich Begbeder opened up about his past relationship with Laura Smet. A period that marked the author.

It only took a few words for Frederick Begbeder to reconcile his past relationship with Laura Smet. “Very beautiful, very charming and even a little scary”, Confirmed French author on the microphone of the program “Icons”» On Europe 1, hosted by Michelle Denisot. “I admire Laura Smet a lot, she is very charismatic, she has an innocence and, at the same time, a loner. Something shaky, fragile, ”said the author. Their relationship, which lasted from 2004 to 2006 It’s been a lot of ups and downs.

Frederick Begbeder notably returned to his former partner’s actress profession, a profession that could complicate their relationship: “Actresses have some painful and difficult lives. I have great admiration for those who eventually give up control. When you are an actor or an actress, you give all your strength to someone else.”

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Friends in spite of everything

Laura Smet was 23 years old when they broke up and Frederick Begbeder, 41. Since then, they have taken different paths, and are now on good terms. The daughter of Johnny Holiday and Nathalie Bay also invited the author to her wedding to Raphael Lancre-Javal on June 15, 2019. “Laura’s eyes matched the sea. She was so happy that it was radiating like a nuclear power station. Everyone was smiling, there was love and happiness in the air. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever had.” At that time Frederick Begbedero believed in the column of point of viewMILF withdrawn by LCI.

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