Spacious hotel plans on an artificial island opposite Zanzibar: the day ticket

Spacious hotel plans on an artificial island opposite Zanzibar: the day ticket

One of the largest buildings in Africa is to be built on Zanzibar in the coming years for about US$1.3 billion.

A joint venture contract was signed between AICL Group and Crowland Management as well as New York and Dubai-based architecture firm xCassia, according to which xCassia is to create specific designs for the building. among other things Citizen Report, the plan envisages a 70-storey building with two underground and 78 ground floors and covers a total area of ​​65,000 square metres.

“The implementation of the project supports the government’s efforts to invite more local and foreign investors to the islands,” said Zanzibar’s Minister of State for Economy and Investment, Mudrik Ramdhan Soraga, during the signing ceremony.

XCassia’s founder, Jean-Paul Cassia, said that he had the idea to build a skyscraper on an artificial island in 2009 while playing dominoes with his family. Since then, the dream of a realization has never left him. “Between the mathematical order and the geometry that occurs in nature, the pure lines and proportions that are reminiscent of growth, progress and freedom, the building has all the characteristics of a true icon that everyone can remember and that everyone can address on paper napkins.” can put.”

As announced by xCassia, ‘Domino Tower Zanzibar’ aims to be an important tourism center providing entertainment, culture and conference services to visitors, residents and companies. Connected by a bridge structure, the project consists of a plaza, tower and a resort. The tower will house apartments, a luxury hotel, a marina, a helipad, conference venues and a wedding chapel, among other things. The whole thing has to be built within a radius of 250 meters on an artificial island about 1.5 kilometers from the coast.

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Whether the building can really be felt, it is still in the stars. Not a year has passed since xCassia submitted plans for a nearly identical Domino Tower in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Soon after, critical voices mounted on social media, fearing that the unique landscape of Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, would be spoiled.


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