Stephen Rotenberg adds a layer and pushes it!

Stephen Rotenberg adds a layer and pushes it!

We can not say that the adventure “Beijing Express” was the most obvious for Valentin Leonard. In pairs with his partner Rachel Legren-Trapani, he often lost his cool, to the point of being lynched on social networks. Even animator Stephen Rotenberg has just admitted that his outbursts of anger were “on the border of the observable”.

Was aired last Wednesday, August 10 grand finale of Beijing Express, Shock Duos, A season in which only celebrities participated, all in pairs with a loved one. In the end Ines Reg and his sister Anas won against Rachel Legren-Trapani after a six-week adventure and Valentine Leonard, Several days later, the comedian decided to make a Live Instagram with host Stephen Rotenberg to take stock of the season. Ines Reg specifically tried to find out what he thought of each candidate. And when it came time to mention Valentin Leonard, Stephen Rotenberg could only do Internet users a favor, very outraged by his behavior throughout the season.

,Let’s talk… When he is under stress, he can be seen borderline : She is more obnoxious than Rachel than us. With us it was relatively easy. There, we’re embarrassed, it’s complicated not to be ashamed“, he confessed. And on the contrary for him to salute the good nature and strength of Rachel Legren-Trapani: “he understood thatHe was the weak link in the pair, He is the stronger of the two. I think it pissed him off. He’s better than that. Maybe even in life, that thing holds, it’s a rock, it’s more fragile, it’s carried by…

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VIDEO – Valentin Leonard: His pairing with Rachel Legren-Trapani in danger from Beijing Express, his tragic faith

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