Stonehaven in Scotland: Train derailed – three dead and many injured

Stonehaven in Scotland: Train derailed - three dead and many injured

According to police, three people died in a train accident in the north-east of Scotland, which was affected by severe flooding, including the train driver. Several people were injured, and six were reportedly taken to the hospital.

Traffic police said on Twitter, the accident occurred on the route near Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.

According to the PA news agency, a landslide must have been the cause. There were only a dozen people in the train. There was no official notification about the number of victims in the afternoon.

According to the PA, the locomotive fell under an embankment in one of its four wagons. Smoke rose from the place of the accident. Dozens of ambulances and at least one rescue helicopter were in action.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon wrote on Twitter about the “very serious” accident. In addition, a major damage incident was declared, ”she said in the Scottish Parliament.

Scottish MP Andrew Bowie spoke of a “massive rescue operation”. He had already spoken to British Transport Minister Grant Shaps about the incident. “My thoughts involve everyone,” Bowie tweeted.

Heavy storms and torrential rain flooded north-east Scotland on Wednesday night. According to the Scottish Railways, rail traffic was disrupted due to heavy rains and lightning strikes.

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