Strictly Craig Ravel Horwood blasted pro dancers and said the show was ‘not a real competition’

Strictly Craig Ravel Horwood blasted pro dancers and said the show was 'not a real competition'

Strictly Come Dancing’s Craig Ravel Horwood has lashed out at the show’s professional dancers, describing them as “out to pasture”.

After putting on a popular talent show, the controversial judge risked putting the show boss at risk – saying it was “not a real competition”.

In a video online video chat about his career, he said: “With strict cum dancing, I decide television shows, it’s not real. [dance] Competition.

“They are celebrities who have tried to dance with professionals who have danced all their lives.

“They’re out for grazing. They’re not fit to compete anymore. They have to go through that process, then you go on hard and give your valuable information to your partner.”

Craig Ravel Horwood of Strictly Come Dancing hits the show’s dancers

He added that he treats his work on the show as a “Saturday job.”

Craig’s outrage could anger the show’s high-profile broom room stars, such as Katya Jones and Giovanni Pernis.

In October 2018 Craig also attacked presenter Tess Daly and fellow judges Shirley Ballas and Bruno Tonioli.

The “Australian judge” targeted Daly’s questions on the show “Dull” when he labeled Bruno as “attention-grabbing”.

Craig said the dancers on the show are ‘out to pasture’

He also claimed that Shirley Ballas’ boobs were fake and told 34-year-old Sean Walsh and 31-year-old Katya Jones to “get a room”.

Speaking of Shirley, Craig told The Sun: “I showed my book to the BBC and they cut out a part about Shirley’s breasts.

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“I don’t know if you want to hear that. . . She came to the audition and literally her thing was open to her navel. “

“It simply came to our notice then. So they came in and sewed it all up. Then they had to be pushed down. And they are fake. “

Craig’s outburst could upset some of the show’s high-profile roomroom stars.

Craig later apologized to Shirley and sent her flowers.

Craig lashed out at Jamie Ling and Jackie Smith after their performance on last night’s episode.

He told Jamie, who gave a performance with Karen Haur: “The roomroom beat was really bad, your bottom was sticking out, you were crying all around like a grinch, there was a throbbing all over the place,” he said.

“But they all said, ‘I absolutely loved the opening section, the synopsis, I loved the Fred Astire lines, it was hard, but some of them were brilliant!” He added.

Craig Ravel Horwood
Craig said he only considers his work on the show as a “Saturday job.”

“I think he loves it, really loves it,” Jamie joked with Claudia about Craig’s comments.

“I think you should prepare yourself for ten,” Claudia said.

Jackie performed with her partner Anton du Beck and Craig called her too harsh, making her feel like she was drunk.

“You really cut your Achilles tendon with it, darling. You were lame, lost in a drunken party.”

In the studio’s audience, Craig went on to say that Anton did well to put Jackie on the swing during the performance.

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