Super Wet Noel Fitzpatrick’s dog is in critical condition

Super Wet Noel Fitzpatrick's dog is in critical condition
Noel Fitzpatrick reveals about his favorite puppy (Photo: Noel Fitzpatrick / Instagram)

Super vet Noel Fitzpatrick has revealed that his dog Kaira’s condition is serious.

Heartbreaking news was revealed by a veterinarian and TV star sharing a sweet photo of Pulp for fans on Twitter.

“3 weeks ago my little girl, Kaira, was hit by a van,” wrote Noel, 52. ‘Her condition was serious and the fear of losing her was overwhelming.

‘His point of view remains unknown. We hope and trust that it will be okay. I will bring an update when the time is right. Thanks for taking care of X ‘.

Fans perish for the star, with the same text: ‘I feel your pain. I hope he recovers quickly. ‘

‘Oh my God !! Poor Kera. We’re sorry Noel, ‘added another, while another said:’ Sorry to hear this but he’s in the best hands and in the best care in the UK. If not the world !! ‘

Noel is known for performing some veterinary miracles on his show, while De Don Nelly thanked the star earlier this year for rescuing his cub Rocky.

The IMA Celebrity… Get Me Out Out Here the presenter went on Instagram to thank the vet, who recovered his dachshund’s health.

He wrote: ‘Another thank you to this guy @ Profnolfzitzpatrick and his amazing staff for taking care of Rocky and getting him back on his feet after running around with a bad tempered fox in our garden last Sunday. Chiku Bagar!

Super wet noel fitzpitz trick

Noel Keira is ‘drowning in fear’ of losing (Photo: Noel Fitzpatrick / Instagram)

The care and attention of the people on @fitzpatrick_references is very reassuring and comforting. Thanks again everyone. D x ‘.

Elsewhere, Monty Don thanked Noel for rescuing his dog Nigel, while leaving him near death with a slip disc.

Monty writes in his book, Nigel: My Family and Other Dogs Monty Dawn: ‘After a CAT scan, Noel was able to diagnose what had happened immediately. When Nigel jumped into the air, the accelerator was so powerful, and he turned with such humility, that a disc in his back exploded and partially detached his spine.

‘Noel will not operate but kept it in proper condition, with hydrotherapy several times a day in the pool.

‘Five days later, we went back and Nigel got out of the car, wanting to jump backwards. It felt miraculous: despite the tremors in his aching legs, he soon ran free again. ‘

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