TF1 sends “a strong signal” to England-Scotland

TF1 sends

On the occasion of the Euro match between England and Scotland at 9 pm this Friday, TF1 makes an unprecedented decision. To hire a mentor, Sabrina Delanoy, for such contest comments on a larger series.

Small incident during the match between England and Scotland. The co-broadcaster of the meeting with beIN Sports, TF1 decided to keep consultant Sabrina Delanoy in the comments with journalist Julian Brun. Incidentally, this will be the first time a woman has commented on an international match on a major channel. An important choice from TF1 sports director Julian Milreux.

« We know to send a strong signal, assured the manager on a daily basis Parisian. We took her to the Women’s World Cup for her expertise, I think she has a very practical way of commenting. Men’s or women’s football, it is still football and the idea of ​​taking it for this competition came naturally. We’re in the same argument when we put our pairing Gregoire Margotton-Bixant Lizzarazzu in the Women’s World Cup. »

“I’d love it to be something mundane”

For her part, Sabrina Delnoy, a former Eurosport consultant, and who has already commented on TF1 during the Women’s World Cup in 2019, wants to downplay the decision. ” I would prefer it to be something mundane. A woman in the air should be common. If we are here today, it is because we are legitimate. I have my experience as a consultant and a player. I want to lead, but not only on television. It is also necessary to have more women in clubs or officials. There are some, but it is still scattered. This is not seen as normal yet “Sorry to the former Paris Saint-Germain and Blue player.

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