‘The 100’ Recap: Season 7 Episode 16 – End of the Series Explained

The 100 Recap Series Finale

“The Last War” reached an unexpected conclusion in Wednesday’s series finale 100, Who put the whole human race – whatever is left, also – on trial. TVline spoke with showrunner Jason Rothenberg about the episode’s biggest events, but first, a quick reaction:

With the code in his possession, Kedog prepared to take the final test, facing the celestial “judge” who took the form of Call Lee. And he probably would have had a chance if Clark hadn’t erupted and shot him later. (“Pencils down.”) With Cadogan undecided, Clark, facing his own judge in the form of Lexa, proceeded to complete the test. Unfortunately, the artist previously known as Vanheda failed, drowning the whole of humanity.

It was at this point that Raven took the step to appeal the decision, facing his own judge in the form of Abi. Together they saw the disciples struggling with the people of the sanctuary, to the disappointment of the judges. Just, when all hope was lost, Octavia assured both sides to lay down their arms, proving to “AB” that human beings are capable of unification. And in the same way, humanity was saved. Everyone survived, including Levitt and Echo, and Maddie and Emory, despite surviving a nearby fatal wound. Officially Died – energy turned into energy and transcended.

Well, everyone except Clark. As “Lexa” points out, it brings about the consequences of its actions (aka Cadogan’s mid-test murder); She will never be allowed to move on. Then came The final The final twist: Clarke discovers that a small group of people (aka all the named characters we care about) didn’t decide to move on, but chose to stay on the centum for the rest of the day. And because none of them are capable of producing – transcendent or any according to any rules – they represent the ultimate members of the human race.

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Read on for our full Q&A with Rothenberg to break Lexa and Abby’s “return”, a sign of closure for Becklamy, and the moment he wishes we had time to enjoy more:

TVline | The show has always had strong religious elements, but you have obscured it with this “judge” character. Do you want to avoid preaching too much?
Depending on the individual’s view of religion, there is definitely a religious interpretation that can be drawn from any final distance. That was not my intention. I say that we all have energy, our consciousness is energy, and our energy cannot be created or destroyed – just transformed from one form to another. And to join this higher universal consciousness, is the further evolution of human consciousness. It is the science fiction explanation for which religion draws its inspiration.

TVline | I gasped whenever I saw Lexa, even if it wasn’t her. How did Eliza Taylor and Alicia Debnam-Carey feel about directing again?
It was wonderful. It was so much fun to bring Alicia back. He is a good person and such a team player. I know she was really excited to get back into make-up and costumes. It was a little difficult for all of us to find the line between how much it should bring to Lexa’s influence and how much it should bring to judge / the highest thing that is happening in that scene. But it was nice to be there. I hope the fans get a little off. I know it’s important to her and to me. It wouldn’t satisfy everyone, but it was lovely for her to come back.

TVline | “Abby” was also an interesting surprise. What was your process for deciding which characters to bring back? You definitely had a long list to choose from.
It was largely down to who would face the judges. Cadogan was the first, so he fully understood that it would be a call. Ayola [Evans] She flew back from London to do it and she was fully prepared for it. That was amazing, by the way, so I really hope we play with him in the prequel. We also knew that Clark would interrupt the test, so we thought, “Who would that character be? That See, is it either your biggest love, your biggest teacher or your biggest enemy? And knowing that Clark would fail the test and Raven would appeal the verdict, she needed the embodiment of her greatest teacher. Sinclair was definitely on the table as an idea, but Abby meant just that – somehow more than her own mother. And those were the same people who faced the judges, so there was no thought of bringing anyone else back.

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TVline | I think fans probably expected to see Bellamy in this episode. I definitely did. Was there any talk of bringing him back in some form?
As Levitt tells Octavia in Loveway when he protects Clark, only the living can cross. It’s a very sad moment for Octavia to understand, that Belemy was right. It was the only rule we established for transcendence, so it didn’t make sense at the moment [to bring Bellamy back].

100 Series Final IndraTVline | Not many deaths are stuck in this final part, but I have to say – it was Really Seeing Indra, Shekheda sighed in beats.
So much fun! All of those scenes in the woods during the war took place in a two-day shooting that would probably take six days. We don’t have much time to finish everything. JR Bourne and Eddie Porter have such qualities, they don’t need much time; They are perfect for the first time. Unfortunately, there was not much time to smell [that victory], Because the final migration had to continue.

TVline | What’s next for Clark and the rest of us who chose not to transmit?
They can never produce and they cannot move, so it is for them. They are living their days together as a family, will grow old together, and when they die, the human race is finished. That’s right, because we have transcended and joined the universal consciousness. So it is a happy ending for the human race.

TVline | The judge agreed to save humanity when he saw that people could learn to lay down their weapons and go along. Is it the thesis of this show, or is the human race really a voncru?
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. The tribe is bad. The whole show was dramatizing the dark side of the tribe, to kill another person because you are protecting your own people, contrary to the understanding that we are all sharing this space together. We are all Vonkru on planet Earth, and until we realize it, we will be destroyed.

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Your thoughts on 100The final of the series? Then grade it (and the final season) Leave a comment with your full review. Are you satisfied with the end?


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