The Best Sites You Can Use to Get Free Music for Your Videos

Music is an inevitable part of a video, particularly when it comes to creating content that captures attention and keeps the viewers hooked till the end. The soundtrack you add to your video helps evoke the right emotions in your audience to connect them to your brand on a personal level while elevating the overall mood and impact of the content.

However, small businesses and marketers cannot afford to hire a professional music production team or artist to create tracks for videos. Also, not all music you find online is copyright-free; you certainly don’t want to see your video getting deleted or muted for violating copyright issues.

Fortunately, there are some royalty-free sites that allow downloading music tracks for free to give you the perfect soundtrack for your next video.

Here are the best websites offering free music for videos.


Known to be a highly popular network of musicians, SoundCloud makes an excellent choice for free music downloads boasting a library of over 125 million songs to choose from.

Most tracks available on this website are listed under ‘All rights reserved’ though some users protect their work under a Creative Commons licence. You can search for music tracks listed under the CC licence and narrow your results using tags to find the right match for your project.


Another amazing website for free music, Filmstro offers royalty-free music across over 65 categories such as instrumental, mood, music, video & film, and more to choose from.

A distinct feature of this service is that you can customise the soundtrack by adjusting its power, depth, and momentum to enjoy creative possibilities when choosing your video’s soundtrack. While you can download a few tracks for free, Filmstro has an affordable monthly subscription plan as well.

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With thousands of royalty-free music tracks across genres like cinematic, folk, electronica, corporate, acoustic, rock, and more, Bensound lets you download music for your videos, slideshows, presentations, and animations.

You can browse the collection by popularity, genre, tags, or upload date to quickly find something that matches your requirements. Most tracks on the platform are available under a no-derivatives CC licence which means they can be used as free background music as long as you don’t remix or use them to make new songs.

Epidemic Sound

This service collaborates with some of the best artists in the industry to curate a huge collection of royalty-free music across genres like First Snow, Corporate, World, Action & Adventure, and more, allowing users to download high-quality, diverse soundtracks for their projects.

Epidemic Sound’s music tracks are featured on some of the most viewed videos on Facebook and YouTube. Though it offers affordable subscription options for personal and commercial uses, you can sign up for the free plan to download three tracks for free every month. Moreover, the 30-day free trial gives you unlimited access to all the effects and music tracks without any restrictions.

Purple Planet

If you are looking for a reliable source that provides unlimited free music downloads, Purple Planet is a great choice. Though not so well-known, this website hosts an amazing selection of stock music across genres. All the music tracks you find on this site are free to be downloaded and used for non-commercial purposes.

You can, however, subscribe by paying a one-time fee to add these tracks to commercial videos. It allows downloading free MP3 music to use as background music in videos shared on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels.

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Another reliable source of music for video creators and editors, MixKit offers a wide range of royalty-free tracks covering a variety of moods and tones to browse. There is so much to choose from – fun, playful, offbeat, dramatic, and inspiring, making it easy to find something that best suits the project at hand. An outstanding feature of this website is the colour labelling for each clip to denote its genre.

The platform also allows filtering your results by tags, mood, and genre. Any track you download from MixKit is listed under a free licence which makes it usable for commercial as well as non-commercial purposes including marketing ads, social media videos, and YouTube videos.

Free Music Archive

The website hosts a huge library of free music under different Creative Commons licences. It allows filtering the options by genre to find the best matches. However, when choosing your tracks, it is worth checking the licence they are listed under to understand the ways you can use the music and restrictions.

While most tracks can be used for personal purposes, not all licences allow using them for commercial videos. So, if you want to use free music from this website for a YouTube video that is monetized, make sure you check the licence.

Free Stock Music

Another great source of music tracks for your projects, Free Stock Music offers free music in a great variety and multiple file formats. It has a curated collection of royalty-free playlists from where you can download tracks for your everyday use or business. The website lets you filter options by categories, licences, moods, tempos, and duration.

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You can also specify keywords to find the music matching your exact requirements. Most tracks on the site are released under a CC-BY licence, so you can use the music even for commercial purposes by including credit and links in your profile or description.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right music for your videos can be a challenge, particularly when you are trying to stick to a budget for your video creation and editing.

Several websites and services offer royalty-free music across genres and artists that you can use in your social media videos, presentations, and ads. With the large scale mixture in content, services and platforms, with the fact that Apple Music now runs on PS5, royalty-free music is all the more essential for creators.

We hope this guide gives you an idea of the best places to find free soundtracks for your video editing project.


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