The Blue, “in the process of passing the course”, believes Lenaïg Corson before facing Wales

The Blue,

How are you feeling before the start of the Six Nations tournament?
Lenago coarsen : “We are very impatient to start the competition! There is a lot of enthusiasm, with a desire to show what we can do and especially what we want on the field. Despite the complex context due to the health crisis, we have prepared well And we had a very good internship during the months of January and February. Things are moving in the right direction within the team, we communicate more between us. Even outside the training boundaries. Our common project is moving forward, Everyone wants to take it forward, so this is something very positive. Unfortunately, I will miss the first game against Wales. A small calf alert on Monday, March 29, during training. I would rather treat my injury I like to treat myself and get seized during the duration of the tournament. Normally, I will resume racing on Monday April 5. I cannot wait to get back on the pitch.

This year, the tournament formula has been changed. Two pools are formed: Pool A with England, Scotland and Italy, Pool B with France, Ireland and Wales. What is your goal in the competition?
Line of control : “Our goal is clear: We want to win the tournament! The year 2020 was small because of Kovid, but there were complicated matches, as well as draws where we did not show very good playing order. There was also a meeting against the English, where we lost in the last moments. We really want to go back to winning ways. And it will start in the first match against Wales! This year the formula is special, but we know that some people have the opportunity to play rugby in France. We want to reach people through small screens. Especially since the boys have found us again recently! He showed a commitment and solidarity on the ground which was a joy to watch. It has been a long time since we saw the French team. Now it is our turn to show that girls are also present! “

Another special point of this year: Your tournament will not be at the same time as men…
Line of control : “This may be an appropriate opportunity for women to put more emphasis on rugby. There are usually three teams from France (With U20s) Who have matched the same weekend for the duration of the tournament. As people are craving the game and the men have already played, I sincerely hope that they will follow us. I think the public wants to feast on sports, whether it is women or men. In the years when men lost, we heard a lot about the consequences for women. Recently, the boys were in the limelight as they won their matches. I am obviously pleased with this dynamic around the team. It is great that they are being promoted! But I would like us not to forget women. It is a shame not to have the same visibility. “

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Women’s Six Nations Tournament: “A special thread”, believes Galle Hermet, captain of the Blaze

In France, high-level rugby played by women is completely amateur. Only 50 French players can make a living from it and have signed a federal contract …
Line of control : “When I started rugby in 2009, I had never seen women’s rugby on television. The first match of the French team was aired a year later. The competition and felt that women also knew how to play rugby. They gave us ideas. Stopped giving, such as: ‘Ah. You’re’ grave ‘or’ But you don’t have an eye for playing rugby ‘. The Federation of Sports Associations and Unions (FNAS) gave away twelve high-level athletes in team sports Brought along, among other things, to issues related to commercialization. There are athletes like Youzhny Le Sommer, Kaddiyal Diani or Andy Mime. N’Dye, we represent rugby. In rugby, we are still far from the mark, Because there is no one. There is no remuneration in our sport. Many women have to choose between a professional career and a sports career, because it is very difficult to invest 100% in both. It does not help in raising the level of clubs. In fact, it’s like biting a snake’s tail. If we don’t have visibility, the sponsors don’t come to us, because they There is no positive economic benefit. But on the other hand, we need resources like men to advance our game.

A few months after Six Nations, awaited another major challenge: the World Cup. It was eventually postponed until 2022. What was your reaction to this decision?
Line of control : “We were very disappointed and surprised at the same time. We were not really expecting it and found out in the press for the first time. It cooled us down. But we quickly focused on the Six Nations. We are a team Which is a team. The process of building ourselves up and passing a course. This postponement gives us time to get better and achieve maturity. We are going to use this time to prepare ourselves to lift the World Cup. Are! But everything in its time. First of all. We will get first place among the six nations. ‘

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Six Nations Tournament: The 2021 women's edition will begin with the opening of England - Scotland on 3 April

Six Nations Tournament: 2021 women’s edition to begin with the opening of England – Scotland on 3 April


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