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Das Traumpaar der Staffel: Steffi und Lutz. Foto: TVNOW / Friese

Dream couple of the season: Steffi and Lutz. Photo: TVNOW / Friese

The weeks of court are over, the big reunion will take stock – and the 16th season finale has some surprises in store. For many couples, things were very different than expected.

“Bauer Asset Frau” (RTL /Tvnow) Is over – but some couples’ stories have taken a completely different turn than they see in front of the cameras. It tries to get some farmers to find out who they really want to keep on their farm. But sometimes it is too late by then.

For example, stockman Andy (43). He had actually decided on Nicole (37) and sent Maya (37) early. But when they see each other, it comes to an emotional roller coaster ride: Andy explains that an unfortunate situation arose during a meeting on his farm with Nicole, because suddenly “from farm week Another woman from “First” appeared. Then there was the radio silence with Nicole – which he brings to Maya, who was actually already dumped, back to herself. But this should also not work well enough. In response to the uneven investigation of the Inca Bose, Andy finally comes to terms with the language: “The heart beats for a hole.” Maya: “It will get to the point that he ate me a second time, I didn’t expect it.” But Nicole is fed up: “You can’t do this to me … I’m out of here.”

It looks completely different with Thomas (42) and Bianca (45), who have just taken their first short vacation together. “I’m very happy with the relationship, it couldn’t be better,” Thomas said. This can also be seen in a conversation with Bose: when the couple’s best moments are replayed from the show, the two fall into tears. Thomas admits to his initial reluctance: “I’ve done it like my whole life, I’ve always played on something. Bianca has helped me show my feelings, that I can say, yes, I can to you. Love. That’s what I am for him too. So grateful. “

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Poultry farmer Leif (32) did not meet Christina (26) after agricultural week. “That certain spark was missing.” For this, Stephanie (28), who could not come to Farm Week, but had applied to Leaf, got the chance. Both have been together for ten weeks now. “I have never had such feelings for a woman. Stephanie is truly my dream woman, whom I will not let go.”

Rüdiger and Tatjana: No time for love?

Declaration of Love Above Clouds and Big Plans: Rudiger (53) and Tatjana (48) had an entire agricultural week – as long as there were cameras. After that, the couple did not see each other often. In an interview with Bose, Tatjana reveals that she agreed to move in with Rudiger: “But that was not an invitation.” Rüdiger puts on the crop – he has no time. But now promised that he will fight for Tatiana. “Now that everything is a little more relaxing, I think she will spend a lot of time with me now.” Needs to speak clearly, because Tatjana is very surprised: “I’m hearing this all for the first time …”

Alina (29) and potato farmer Peter (34) are clearly happy to see them again, but immediately make it clear that they are not a couple. “Friendship yes, no love,” Alina says with a smile. Peter only has warm words for Alina: “It didn’t work with me, but I think it would work with many, many other men, she is a really great woman and would please any man . “

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In the end, nothing came of Thomas (38) and Nicole (29). She stayed a few more days after the court week, she says, “It was not the same as it was in the court week. That’s why Nicole is not so kind to me anymore …” You might say. When they meet again, the greeting between them is very cold and embarrassing. The two can no longer look into each other’s eyes. “The bottom line was that the week of the court was an experience,” Nicole commented briefly on the subject.

Country Bachelor Patrick named after him

The cards have been reshuffled with “Land-Bachelor” Patrick (24). Although they had decided in favor of Julia, Julia (25) and Antonia (20), who had moved out of court early in the week, are now coming to the improvised court ceremony. When all three matches of Julia and Patrick are played, Antonia asks if she can go out. “I can’t really see that anymore.” During the conversation, it is revealed that it did not work for Julia and Patrick – but Antonia and Patrick are now getting to know each other privately. But he doesn’t want to call it a relationship: “It’s always a rub between me and Antonia, he’s not an easy person, nor am I …” You can well imagine what rubbing really is: Ara doesn’t miss a chance, not even with the moderator: “Inca, I was really happy with you, something like you, a little …”

The meeting of Denise (32), Sascha (29), Till (31) and Nils is also interesting. Till then the farmer’s wife gives him a vibrator to see him again. There is one more provocation for Sasha, but there was a fork in Nils’ side from above. That’s why it ultimately didn’t work out between her and Dennis – though she was already about to leave her farm and move in with him. But the news of Nils did not stop, nor was Sasha jealous. In an interview, Sasha says that it was very stressful for her. Denise believes that this is not the basis of a relationship. Sasha sees it differently: “I still haven’t given up, I write her novels every day because I love her so much more.”

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Dream couple of the season: Lutz and Steffi

Lutz and Steffy had already talked about weddings during the court week. Since then, love has grown even more, with Lutz still upbeat. “It’s a challenge to bring life together, hearts are already so close”, Steffy said of the long-distance relationship that the two are still together. In return, Lutz not only gives him a bicycle, but also the key to his house and a brooch from Scotland, symbolizing the love of the two. The move is planned for the end of next year. For the other candidates as well, both are the show’s dream couple. “We found each other, we love each other so much, it’s nice to experience that. And I’m so happy,” Lutz said with tears.


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