The Fashion Trend Worn by Lena Situation (But Not Only) at the Dior Show

The Fashion Trend Worn by Lena Situation (But Not Only) at the Dior Show

A much awaited meeting. This is what will define the essence of the Dior fashion show, which took place on Tuesday 1er March in the capital of France. In casting guests? Liked by a whole audience of celebrities from all over the world rihannaBut also the ambassador of the French luxury home Jisoo (57.2 million subscribers on Instagram), singer Luanne, actress Hart Evangelista and now cult Lena Mahfouf aka lina statuses, The general point of these, except the interpreterambarella , After arriving to attend the Christian Dior ready-to-wear fall-winter 2022-2023 show, yellow tilesThe luxury house is outfitted with a wardrobe from Pre Fall 2022. Looks like a suit jacket and schoolgirl mini-skirt reminiscent of the film’s cult character no newsPlayed by Alicia Silverstone and from the adaptation of the novel Emma by Jane Austen. Who would have thought that in 2022 Trend will come back?

Fashion trend 2022: yellow plaid sets will be everywhere by spring

Moving to the front row of the Dior show, Cher Horowitz transformed into, lina statuses Thus appeared molded in a slit miniskirt coordinated with an emblematic tote bag from Dior House, both loudly and clearly advocating a return yellow tiles, To complete her outfit as a model student, the social media superstar donned a tie and an immaculate white shirt. For her part, the famous singer of dark pink and dior ambassador JisooPhotographers dazzled by wearing a tattooed composite dress of the same print no news, The Dior show was also an opportunity to get to know the memorable look of Oliva Palermo, who failed to neither praise the virtues of pink – the star color of spring 2022 – nor legitimize her return. yellow plaid uniform, reason enough to offer us a remembrance 1995, the release date of the film which is a symbol of pop culture.

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Clueless from 1995 to 2022: the return of the yellow checkered look, more than 20 years later

It would have taken more than two decades for the yellow checkered look to once again conquer the fashion scene. From now on, it is impossible to separate him from the iconic Cher Horowitz as the latter would have marked spirits. And for good reason, before Blair Waldorf gossip GirlThe pretty, somewhat superficial blonde reigned supreme in her high school in Beverly Hills. With a groundbreaking style, and a look that mixes rock and preppy inspirations, Cher makes a stunning entry into the subject during the film’s opening scene. reason ? The latter chooses her outfit by referring to a platform installed on her computer, which is directly connected to her dressing room. Important moment, because this is the exact moment when the superstar 1990s The predestined Dolce & Gabbana grabs a yellow checkered ensemble to rewrite fashion history. With the aesthetic of the Scottish kilt, its miniskirt therefore tops the list of the most promising trends of this generation.

Of course one bold color, which was almost replaced by another. , Wasn’t sure about the yellow one. It is not a good color for blondes. But when Alicia (actress, editor’s note) wore it, we all said, “Oh my god, that’s it.”. She looks like a ray of sunshine and the queen of the school. » Costume designer Mona May accepted no news To US Vogue, According to the stylist who has long hesitated with multiple colors, red was “too risky” and didn’t fit Cher’s personality, while blue lacked punch. With the intention of helping Cher’s schoolgirl outfit wake up and make her look different, yellow was therefore preferred. With stockings, Mary Janes, and a fur backpack, Cher’s yellow suit was bound to become legendary.

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Overall, reinterpreted by Maria Grazia Chiuri before this 2022 edition diorThe yellow checkered uniform reappeared in 2014 on Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, who chose it to orchestrate his “Fancy” music video. Later, in March 2021, it was the turn of English singer Harry Styles to wear a blazer of the same tone on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards. Passed off by the biggest headliners and celebrities of modern times, yellow plaid sets maintain a connection with the crowd, and make it look fancy.

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