The icy storm that hit the country killed three people

The icy storm that hit the country killed three people


Presidential election in Congo-Brezzaville: Denis Sasou Gugeso officially invested by his party

77-year-old Congolese President Denis Sasuo Nogeso officially invested, Friday January 8, 2021, candidate for his political formation for the presidential election of March 2021, the Congolese Labor Party (PCT) says it is up to his victory. doing work. This investment, along with our correspondent in Brezaville, is the highlight of the first extraordinary session of the PCT Central Committee. Esther Ayesu Gayama, a member of this Central Committee, was responsible for reading the announcement related to this investment: “The Central Committee unanimously approves the investment of Comrade Denis Sasso Gugeso as a candidate by the National Investment Committee. From the Congoese Labor Party To the highest magistrate of our country, “he declared. The” Peace Candidate “PCT asked his leader to apply, assuring him of moral, material and financial support. Pierre Moussa, the general secretary of this formation, who has been in power for 46 years, explained why Dennis Sassu Nguoso was once again elected: “Comrade Dennis Sasou Gugeso lives the hope of a whole people. A Congo will always On peace; peace without which all our ambitions are in vain “, he said. The PCT candidate will have another opponent, Mathias Daizan, his former finance minister or Guy-Bryce Parfitt collier between 1997 and 2002. Second in the 2016 presidential election. See also pres: Congo-B: Revision of electoral lists, presidential election proposal, controversial


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