The Masters Fight, W9 Urban Arena… What to watch on TV tonight?

The Masters Fight, W9 Urban Arena… What to watch on TV tonight?

entertainment 12 Wars: Battle of the Masters Will continue at 9:05 pm TF1. The six greatest Masters in the history of the “12 Coupes de Midi” meet for the grand finale: the “Masters Battle”, led as always by Jean-Luc Reichmann. The rules of the game are simple: two special guests, Amell Bent and Laurent Ornack, each lead a team and hope to win the 2021 title.

Music, 8:30 p.m. W9 who pulls the concert W9 Urban Arena. Follow some of the most listened to artists in France and one of the most followed on the Internet on the Accor Arena stage. For the first time, the rap collective “Organized 13” performs on a large stage in a performance filmed and broadcast on television. Along with him, Amell Bent, Sooling, Sofiane, Wejden and many others. Artists who benefit from an exceptionally natural tool for a unique experience.

canal+ Update on movie at 9:05 pm waiting for the barbarians. In a fortress lost at the edge of the desert, on the border of the Empire, a magistrate defends indigenous peoples who are abused by a tyrannical colonel… The action takes place in an uncertain place and time, reeling under oppression. Simultaneously depicts the settlers that it condemns as it exists throughout the world and has endured for centuries. Formally spectacular, a film in the tradition of Lawrence of Arabia, of a slow pace that may seem a bit excessive.

Finally at 9:05 pm, France 2 program a new number Fort Boyard. For this fourth event, Philippe Echebest, Keenav, Caroline Margaridon, Jean Tejenas du Monsel, Jerome Le Banner and Elodie Gosuin play for the association “Pompiers Solidaires”, a humanitarian organization whose business is also to act at the local level and risk and International to prepare the population for crises.

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