The Obi-Wan Van Canobi series will begin production in March 2021, said Evan McGregor.

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The ‘transpotting’ actor is expected to start shooting for his ‘Star Wars’ spin-off series due to a delay due to a coronavirus epidemic this year.

Evan McGregor Has confirmed that he will start shooting for his filmObi Van Canobi Star Wars“The spin-off series in March (21).

The British actor’s original Disney + series for Disney + Series (20) this year was due to his re-release of his role as a minor version of the JD guide to the original “Star Wars” movie Luke Skywer Kerr played in the prequel films.

The show was pushed back to January 2021 and amid the Covid-19 epidemic, Evan announced that the shooting of the show is now set to begin in March.

“I think it’s an OBE van Canobi story – it’s not just about that, but there will be a lot in me.” He told the UK chat show host Graham Norton Of the series.

“I break my brain about what I want to say and what I can’t say about it. What I can say is that we started shooting in March next year.”

Asked how he felt about handling the role Alec Guinness, In which this character was playedStar Wars: A New Hope“- The film that launched the favorite science fiction franchise in 1977 -“TranspottingThe actor said he studied Alec’s work before appearing in prequels.

“I’m a big fan and I got a lot of time studying it through his early films,” the 49-year-old explained. “It’s a fun thing to imagine and imagine him as a young person. I’m getting very close to his age so it will be my challenge to try and meet him somewhere.”

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