The real Arsene Lupine wins Madeleine’s heart

The real Arsene Lupine wins Madeleine's heart

Decision – INA platform takes advantage of “Lupinomania” to see (re) its customers, in a restored version, soap opera with the great George Deschezers.

Maurice LeBlanc probably wouldn’t believe his eyes, he, who was nicknamed during his lifetime “French Conan Doyle”, Would neither achieve the fame nor the posterity of its Scottish counterpart. Most of all, he was given Friends of…, attretat and a house-museum, a handful of autobiographies of students, and memoirs of students keen on the popular literature that French intellectuals are not keen to cite again in their essays. . Only from the tip of the pen.

On the other hand, television loves it. First, because, whatever anyone says about it, the general public likes the thriller and it all relates to its universe, its folklore, its values, and its great figures. France loves bullies. Then, because he finds a rich and abundant material there, LeBlanc’s bibliography, such as Souvester and Allana magazine.Fantomas) Or Gaston Leroux (Rouletabile, Cherry-Bibi) With dozens of works. Finally, because the success of the first adaptation

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