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Jupiter’s Legacy – Image: Netflix

Millerworld officially released the first film on Netflix Jupiter’s Legacy And while there is a lot to look forward to from the Millerworld universe in the future, will we return with Utopian and the gang for season 2? Here we know.

Initial reviews suggest that the series is off to a relatively mixed start, which should not be too surprising that it has been negatively affected by the epidemic, an exploitative change, and some revival earlier this year.

That said, the 8-episode superhero series is out now and if you’re done, let’s move on to season 2.

Has Netflix renewed Jupiter’s legacy for season 2?

Earlier in the week before release Jupiter’s Legacy We published a report saying that the show was renewed based on comments from Mark Miller’s Scottish publication Herald Scotland.

Speaking about Millerworld’s future on Netflix, Miller said, “Next year will be Jupiter Season two There will be Magic order, A horror show and a big detective project, “

It told us that season 2 has been renewed and slated for next year (whether it is released in production or just in production), however, this is not the case. As we corrected shortly after this article was published, it has only been renewed, assuming the show’s current intent.

Jupiter legacy s1

This is supported by an interview with Miller on Deadline on 6 May:

“Season 2 depends on the audience. We do not want to be so arrogant. I can see that we are entering this incredibly optimistic situation. We feel good about it. I watched, even on the Kovid, I used to sit in Montaz every day or so and I would never get tired. So people crossed their fingers as much as we love it. “

We hope to hear about the future Jupiter’s Legacy Netflix has enough data about once a month from May 7. Given that the show ends on a cliffener (more on that in a second) and Millerworld’s overall reach and how Jupiter’s Legacy As fits, anything other than renewal would be seen as a tremendous start to the new superhero universe on Netflix.

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We will update this article with Netflix receiving top 10 data, along with various other third-party numbers on the show’s performance.

Who will return in Season 2 of Jupiter’s Legacy?

Lady Liberty Netflix Jupiter Legacy
Lady Liberty in Jupiter Legacy – Image: Netflix

With the exception of Raikou (played by Anna Akana), we should see the return of all our heroes seen in Season 1.

There are a lot of new heroes and villains introduced in the comics and we got to see some of them as well as Tornado, Neutrino, Shockwave, Light Girl, The Wood King, Automaton, Jack Frost and Tattoo.

What to expect from Jupiter’s Legacy season 2

Warning: The spoilers for Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1 are ending below.

Although the series follows a lot of comics, using them as an accurate guide is not particularly helpful, as the series deviates too much into many important storylines.

Brandon, for example in the comics, lives a life similar to Chloe’s (ie, celebrity endorsement and high-life living), but not in the series. The comics also change between 2013 and 2020 as the series only runs for two deadlines.

Legacy s2 skirt what to expect

So while we can speculate on some of the beats that could propel the series beyond the comics, it’s better to guess where the series is going next based on the events of the final episode.

In this case, we have just come to know that Brainwave is the root cause of most of the modern day problems that the heroes have to face in trying to gain control of the Union and was behind the cloning of Blackstar. He clearly has great ambitions that he murders his own daughter to advance his agenda.

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Season 1 hasn’t done enough, in our opinion, to really tell us what happened to Blue Bolt and Skyfox, so hopefully their separation from The Union is a bit more in season one.

To focus on the majority of Season 1, where the original founding members of the association accompany the children, we mostly expect to focus on the children in Back 2. Hutch and Chloe are on a mission to find Hutch. Bluefox’s father. Brandon (Paragon) has clearly recovered his relationship with his father after having trouble with Code, but clearly has a strong relationship with Brainwave.

Where each of the three children will eventually fall (good or bad) is still up in the air, and the comics tell us that the unexpected is to be expected on that front.

What’s next for Millerworld on Netflix?

The next big project is the animated series Supercroc Later to debut on Netflix in 2021.

Elsewhere, Mark Miller also revealed:

  • The next few years for Millerworld on Netflix have already been said with Miller, “We have planned four out of the next three years. And that’s only on the television side “
  • Miller compares his role to Kevin Feige
  • Miller is committed to working on projects for “A Few Years Good” and plans to create “20 franchises”

In the meantime, we suggest you get copies of it Jupiter’s Legacy At spin-off Cycle of jupiter Because they are excellent source material and it is interesting to compare and contrast the history of the series with the original.

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Now you tell me what you think. Do you want to watch season 2 Jupiter’s LegacyThe Tell us in the comments.


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