The Rock – Pure Harmony: Del Amitri is back

The Rock - Pure Harmony: Del Amitri is back

BERLIN (DPA) — Del Amitri’s first sign of life after nearly two decades from a studio broadcast break exceeded all expectations: At the end of 2020, “Close Your Eyes and Think of England” was as perfect as you imagine can do. This virtuoso of sad pop songs would hardly have thought about it for so long.

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Nearly six months later, the Scottish band is now making a strong comeback with their new album “Fatal Mistakes”.

encouraging hymn

The 13 songs aren’t breaking new ground—they’re still the carefully created pop rock jewels that frontman Justin Curry and his collaborators serve up here. And even though none of the new songs come close to the masterpiece “Close Your Eyes…,” it’s still an album that can compete with the best in the 1985 Del Amitri catalogue.

It has been more than 25 years since the Glasgow-founded band became a hit. Songs like “Nothing Ever Happens”, “Driving with the Breaks On” or “Roll to Me” have graced sophisticated radio playlists to this day. With “Don’t Come Home Too Soon”, Del Amitri, as a football fan, tried to save Scotland’s 1998 World Cup from normal early retirement (in vain – which, however, did not detract from the beauty of his encouraging anthem). happen) .

Like Soul, again with the very successful album “Can You Do Me Good” (2002), the band’s career was over after five British Top 10 albums and sales of nearly six million records. However, the sold-out revival concerts of the past decade clearly threw up new inspiration.

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“It’s a collection of quirky tales driven by guitar, drums and keyboards – entirely from the quintet with which we toured great in 2014 and 2018,” says Curry. Had a solid solo career. Conclusion: There is still hardly a British band that manages to strike a balancing act between Beatles pop and US folk rock as elegantly as Del Amitri.


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