The surprising impact of the series on the life of actor Sam Heughan

The surprising impact of the series on the life of actor Sam Heughan

in an interview mean healthSam Heughan reveals Netflix series is being filmed outlanderSeason 6 of which will soon be aired on the stage had an unexpected impact on his daily life.

As Netflix prepares to air season 6outlanderSam Heughan gave an interview to American magazine men’s Health, The 41-year-old actor wears the series, where he plays Jamie Fraser, an 18th-century Scottish warrior who falls in love with 20th-century nurse Claire Randall (camping by Catriona Balfe), who finds herself on her own. Gets inspired in time. While he doesn’t hesitate to defend his on-screen partner in the face of criticism from internet users, Sam Heughan revealed that the series had a completely unexpected effect on his everyday life. And that is … clothes. ,First outlander, I didn’t really understand the styleHe politely told the American media. I only wore clothes I was comfortable in.”

with outlander, Sam Heughan opened up to fashion

Fashion was far from that. The actor had already shot in several feature films, but they did not have that much impact on him. “And again, I don’t necessarily have access to all the designer brandsshe added. but since outlanderI got a chance to learn about fashion, especially through photo shoots and my presence on the red carpet.” So this is the celebrity who gave them the taste of wearing clothes of their choice, apart from being comfortable… “My style has definitely changed over the years.”

“I love leather jackets!”

Today, Sam Heughan sees himself as “more experienced” in vogue. “I really like leather jackets. I probably have too many in my wardrobe”, he assured. But it’s not just for style! ,I spend a lot of time in Scotland, and the weather is not goodHe justified himself. I’m out a lot, so I wear a lot of shoes and jeans. Guess this is my standard outfit now. I want my clothes to be versatile, to suit the weather and […] Whatever I do, every day, no matter what.”

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