The teenager says he has no place to use his wheelchair

The teenager says he has no place to use his wheelchair

DIY SOS is known for tugging hearttrings, but also by the standards of the show, the latest was a real tear-jerker.

Tonight’s show saw host Nick Knowles – and an army of local volunteers – build a suburban Weston-Super-Mere street to help the Sweet family.

Mandatory mom and dad Kate and Chris Louisa, 16, Max, 13, and Harry share seven – all of them suffer from lifelong illnesses that will only get worse over time.

Harry suffers from Ehlers Denlos Syndrome from birth, which can cause him so much pain that he struggles with sleep deprivation.

In 2017, Louisa and Max were diagnosed with Friedrich’s ataxia, a rare and neurodegenerative condition.

Max said there is not enough space in the house to use his wheelchair

Nike told viewers in a voiceover that the children “rely more and more on their wheelchairs with each passing week.

“But the house is stopping him.”

“I don’t use my wheelchair because there’s no place to use it,” said teenager Max.

“There’s no access to it. I want to use it, because my legs are comfortable to use.”

He said he prefers to be able to use his wheelchair more often

Max said the wheelchair gives him ‘a break from using my legs’

Fans were in tears for minutes, one tweeted: “Already a hard watch! So sad.”

“Oh lord, I’m already snatching,” wrote another, “very sad. Very tragic for a family. #diysos

The third offered: “Gosh this poor family #DIYSOS – I feel very sad for them. ”

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Fourth Writing: “Me: There are no tears in staying strong tonight #diysos Little boy: ‘I can’t use my wheelchair because there is no space.’ ”

Mum Kate said going through children’s birthdays is a struggle.

An army of volunteers came inside

“I’m really mostly strong but I’m always overwhelmed on his birthday,” he said.

“I hate it because it’s a step closer to a bad day.”

Both parents shed a few tears during the show while talking about their children’s condition.

Nick was moved by Sweet Family

But Nick and crew are optimistic, making it more wheelchair-friendly by installing an elevator.

The cat and Chris both started crying – this time with joy – when he saw the change of house.

Now the house includes a whirlpool-friendly bathroom.

They also have an elevator to go down the stairs, and rotate in each bedroom so the children can all sit in bed independently.

The kids were so impressed, Max gave her a “100” room out of her possible new 50s.


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