“The Tragedy of Macbeth”, King of Black – Liberation

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Performed by a solid cast, Joel Coen’s minimalist adaptation of Shakespeare’s work plunges the audience into the front lines of the madness of a rhetoric, brilliantly interpreted by Denzel Washington.

The mourning had already happened. Upon discovering that Denzel Washington was preparing to explain Regicide to Macbeth on behalf of a larger stage, the first image that emerged was of a fetus. small village Spotted with Arnold Schwarzenegger last action hero, This time, the new king of Scotland will devastate the forest that marches against him with flames and set off the three witches’ beaks. time for us… the tragedy of macbeth A serious matter, a serious one. For his first setback away from his brother Ethan, Joel Coen captured Shakespeare’s original text in black and white. A gloomy underworld, where the court of Inverness is shaped through summaries and tasteful decorations, where a few crushed lines of concrete are enough to evoke a dreamy castle, where a mist-consumed beach becomes the realm of the Moors. Brutalist and Gothic, it macbeth Works on its forms by digging into the image, relying on negative spaces, upstrokes and upstrokes. A minimal device that allows the film to better see its actors.


Tightly framed in 1:33 reminiscent of silent cinema and leaving little room for anything other than faces, the actors always seem breathless. A closeness that puts viewers in the front row contemplating the psychological fallout of the regicide couple…


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