The Weakest Link viewers have the same complaint about the charity chosen by winner Patrick Grant.

Les téléspectateurs du lien le plus faible ont tous la même plainte au sujet de l'association caritative choisie par le gagnant Patrick Grant

Viewers of Weekest Links were furious tonight as Stitch Bee star Patrick Grant chose a controversial charity to donate his winning money.

The 49-year-old Scottish fashion designer defeated Dave Gorman in the final and decided to hand over the impressive £9,400 prize to the UK Textile Biennale.

The Weak Link audience was divided by the charity of the likes of Patrick Grant


The Weakest Link. Patrick beat Dave in the finale of

The British Textile Biennial funds exhibitions and installations in East Lancashire.

Viewers at home were astonished by his choice and wondered if anything could have been more worthy.

One person wrote: “#theweakestlink garbage collection charity.” ,

A second interviewer: “Clothing??? #Theweakestlink Not charity.

While a third tweeted: “Charity for the homeless, charity for the poverty in need and he is donating it to garments!!!” Oh God. # Weakest link. ,

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And a fourth added: “I don’t usually judge the charities these celebrities give, but seriously 9k+ in a #Theweakestlink textile show.”

Patrick has appeared alongside Esme Young, Reverend Richard Coles, Karim Zeroal, Kaz Kamwi, Candice Brown and Vivienne.

The popular quiz show recently returned to television with Romesh Ranganathan as the host instead of Anne Robinson.

Anne hosted the BBC’s Hit Quiz from 2000–2012 and won a slew of fans with her harsh reviews and famous acceptance at the end of each episode.

Now, nearly ten years later, the show has resumed with Romesh — but the comedian has made it clear that he has no plans to copy his predecessor.

Speaking to The Sun, he said, “Look, Anne was amazing, and that was a big reason why the way she did it, the show was so popular.

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“But I don’t think there’s any use in trying to imitate him or be like that.”


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