The week of April 2, in short

La Semaine Food du 2 avril

We give ourselves a bracket of happiness

Being able to go back to the restaurant, we can taste the trailer of Eric Besnard’s film Decilex, which is only waiting to reopen the dark room to satisfy the gourmet eagerness of food lovers.


In the 18th century, a cook (Greyjori Gadobis) was dismissed by his master. He offers to get in touch with an amazing young woman (Isabelle Carre) to free herself from the position of a servant and inform her directly to the public by building the first restaurant.

We have had tea on the terrace since April 10!

Damon Frères Maison has joined forces with Louis Drucker, who has been equipping rooftops around the world with their colorful cane rattan chairs since 1885, with sweet notes of spring to offer the new Perfume de Cesson box Sunny with sweet memories of rooftops. This beautiful box, available at 3 Décor, uses the Drucker chair weave pattern and includes an assortment of 20 tea bags of Jardin Vert, Jardin du Luxembourg Tea, Mystery Mix Tea, Palm Beach Tea and Happy Dreams Herbal Tea.

Box of 20 Crystall® Pouches, € 19 – available Shop and online.

Food Week on 2 April

We fly to Burma

Mandalay is based on a soft sesame seed biscuit as well as a crisp made of tahina; A smooth sesame cream, both topped with a frothy and airy passion cream with notes of orangey orange, which brings modesty and roundness to the palate. This dessert consists of fine jelly of passion fruit and kumkum under a delicious mango panorama.

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Divisional, € 7.90 – Personalized format – pick up shop or delivery near Paris / Suburbs via

We choose for the very best, without having to go to the kitchen

Food Week on 2 April

in Pierre Age, We feast on a tartlet of green stewed asparagus and pistachios, with peels of lime and Parmesan marshmallows, a slice of lime from the pyrenees braised with peppers served with a salty juice, with karpton bacon and crunchy vegetables, cheese and Eggplant with Cheese Its delicious chocolate is small with orange praline.

Easter menu, € 60 per person – available on April 3, 4 and 5 – to order, It is here. © Alexia Roux

Food Week on 2 April

in Yannick Alleano, We order a beautiful box containing a gourmet menu based on lumbar. “We” of lamb legs under a lovely mayonnaise, spring salad with crispy lamb panouflé and tangy dressing, small lamb chops, barbecue sauce with black truffle and Sicilian tomatoes, and lamb shoulders Along the shoulders of combed lamb, pie with green vegetables and braised lamb, a chocolate egg rind to garnish with cream, chocolate and mascarpone, a strawberry salad with cream and petit choux strongly chocolate .

Easter menu, 190 € for 2 people – available for lunch and dinner from 31 March to 5 April – to order, It is here.

Food Week on 2 April

And as we always want chocolate, we come to Chocolate Tarte Quentin Lechat, Pastry Chef of Royal Moncu Raffles Paris. Made from 74% chocolate, Valarona’s new Milot, has a sweet paste, with a thin layer of Madagascan vanilla, a salted butter caramel, and a chocolate cream, all covered with chocolate petals.

For 6 to 8 people, € 42 – Available from Friday to Sunday at Click & Collect during the month of April. to order, It is here. © Paris White Charlotte

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We painted in her kitchen

Pyrex® launched a new collection of glass dishes with colorful exterior finishes, which always have properties similar to temperature resistance (-40 ° to 300 ° C). These beautiful practical dishes, with exceptional durability, are available in 4 colors suitable for all styles: curry yellow, dark blue, dried chilli red and black pepper.

Platts Pyrex® Color (33x22x7cm), 22 €


We freshen ourselves with gluttony

In Amorino, ice creams transform into adorable little bunions. By April 4, each signature Easter cone or jar will be decorated with a rabbit face with pistachio, vanilla, chocolate or caramel ice cream, a pair decorated with chocolate ears.

From € 5.60, in a jar or in a cone – available in Boutique amorino.


We offer ourselves a blue corner

Since 1is April Molitour Hotel welcomes guests again, so we find ourselves surrounded by water in the middle of Paris. For the occasion, the 5-star hotel offers a luxurious reception with glass upon arrival for all reservations made directly with reservations using the code. #VIVEMOLITOR And a deluxe room upgrade. And chef Martin Simolka has developed a new gourmet room service menu featuring the famous Molitor Croc-Monsieur with truffles, smoked Scottish salmon and chocolate mi-cuit.

13, Rue Nungesar et Collie – Paris XVI – reservation© Ludwig Favre

Rainaud nuggets

We wear our table with nuggets

Designed by Maison Raynaud and presents the Pépites collection, created by Mariéla Schwarz Montiel. Cut like precious stones, the faces are accentuated by the matte finish of porcelain or iridescent tones. Peap is the ideal receptacle for caviar appetizers, sweets and cans.

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Nuggets are available in various colors and sizes – Get more knowledge – © Francis Amianand

Tea heritage

We let ourselves be surprised

Tea Heritage offers a surprise bag filled with 10 pouches in biodegradable food gauze, in different sizes and flavors, to find during breakfast or tea break (Nuez Jasmine, Coir Earl Gray, Etoile Breakfast, Chat Violet Frabais, Lune Pumpkin Chao, Oiso Rooibos Coco Almond, Robbie Jasmine, Ceres Earl Gray, Eiffel Tower Breakfast, Nutcracker Hot Air Balloon) Belongs to.

Surprise Bag, € 15 – available online. © Alice Page

Day to day

We fill the jar with pasta

Coquillettes, twists, striped elbow, penny ragret and serpentini, these are 5 varieties of lustucru pasta that can now be purchased in bulk by the day. To continue its eco-responsible commitment, Lustuku, celebrating its 110th anniversary this year, selects Bulk, this new and fast-growing mode of consumption, already practiced by 40% of French families . The 100% French Pasta brand allows us to buy the right amount of pasta and reduce our waste.


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