The Witcher: Netflix witcher is set for Scotland in season 2?

The Witcher: Netflix witcher is set for Scotland in season 2?
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The Netflix series The Witcher crossed national boundaries. Season 1 of the story, which is based on the work of Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, was shot extensively in Hungary. The Witcher Season 2 could now go further north.

In The Witcher, Rivia’s Geralt travels through distant and foreign lands. The locations of The Witch Season 1 are not that strange, and they are not yet done either. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of Netflix series, all you have to do is travel to Budapest. Unlike Geralt, you can also take a train! Pictures from director Stephen Surg on Instagram now show that The Witcher Season 2’s plan takes the crew to completely different places.

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Hence the team watching the series have won gold in Scotland. The area seen in the pictures is also known as the Isle of Skye and provides not only a rugged backdrop, but also a castle steeped in history. Perfect condition for an impressive fantasy scenario.


The Witcher: The Last Quiz on the Netflix Series

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The Witcher: The Last Quiz on the Netflix Series

The Isle of Sky has already demonstrated its cinematic qualities many times. With Sean Connery the Highlander collides between the opposite valleys and hills. So why not this Witcher too? In our overview you can find out where you can stream The Witcher.

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