These 10 horror movies from the catalog that are unknown to the public

These 10 horror movies from the catalog that are unknown to the public

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The Netflix catalog sometimes hides unsuspecting nuggets. The horror genre is no exception to the rule and there are many little known but very cool movies out there!

Competition among streaming platforms

Today Netflix remains the benchmark in terms of streaming platform. However, we can clearly see that this is an emerging field. Many players settle there to try to compete with Netflix! With its new Star Catalog, Disney has hit hard and now has a huge offering. The brand with big ears has announced a Marvel production per week in 2021. Proof that Disney is doing everything it can to try to catch up on Netflix.

a huge catalog

When we turn on Netflix, we always have a hard time finding a program that suits us! The catalog is huge and makes the choice difficult! Between Netflix productions and the regularly added movies, no one knows where to turn. Some of the content is highlighted by the platform according to your taste. The algorithm works great but sometimes it makes you miss out on nuggets. For fans of horror movies, that’s why we decided to list you 10 movies from the Netflix catalog that are still little known to the public.

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