These are the world’s 100 best clothing boutiques

atmosphere ? Following a busy alleyway, Sarugakucho Street, filled with trendy glass and steel shops, okura, with the appearance of a traditional Japanese house, contrasts sharply with its environment. However, passing through the door, one falls into a sea of ​​indigo, where what emerges, here and there, is an old and old wooden decoration.

Why go? The flagship store of the Blue Blue Japan brand, this is a heaven for all the lovers of the alluring shade of indigo. But if you don’t have the heart to buy clothes, you can sip the finest organic coffee at Okura’s Café, or enjoy a hearty bowl of donburi.

94. Tokyo – Prada Epicenter

in stock ? Inside an incredible six-story glass palace, latest from prada Miuccia is the fruit of a partnership between Prada and its co-creative director, Raf Simons.

atmosphere ? Imagine you go to a museum, but instead of contemplating the works, you immerse yourself directly in one of them. Not to mention the impeccable selection of Prada items.

Why go there? In a city of expensive shopping, the architectural marvel of Prada, designed by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, is eye-catching.

Prada Epicenter, Tokyo, Japan.Courtesy of Prada

95 – Sapporo – South2 West8

in stock ? Brand creations south2 west8 Clothes inspired by the Japanese art of fly fishing, with a unique style.

atmosphere ? A strange wedding, between a fishing shop and a chic ready-to-wear brand, that will take place in a large industrial loft.

Why go there? South2 West 8’s true love of the art of Japanese fishing (tenkara) and outdoor activities in general, coupled with a very playful approach to styling that is infectious even for those who never go and tease the studs Huh.

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