This 89-year-old Briton does roller skating to help the poorest people

This 89-year-old Briton does roller skating to help the poorest people


SpaceX: The fourth suborbital flight of the prototype of the starship should take place tonight

Elon Musk tweeted yesterday, Sunday, “A starship flight is possible tomorrow afternoon.” Earlier, the SN11 prototype of its future spacecraft was expected to be tested at noon on Friday, March 26, following the “static fire” of its three Raptor engines (including repairs to the SN46). Without further explanation. , The operation was postponed to date. The exact time is not known, but the advertised window is at the Boca Chica, Texas site between 7pm and midnight KST, or late afternoon and evening. Possible starship flight tomorrow afternoon Elon Musk (@elonususk) March 28, 2021. Challenge is a successful soft landing to “jump” at an altitude of 10 kilometers., लेकिन But the machine still landed on the ground with very high speeds, resulting in a few minutes later. It had a spectacular explosion and a second “jump” in the air. © NASA, spaceflight, YouTub The great starship project continues to move forward. The starship is expected to have its first orbital flight this summer, recently announced by Elon Musk. Previous This week, the SpaceX boss shared images of the assembled BN1 (Booster No. 1), the first prototype of the super heavy callosus (which won’t fly) Would then push the starship and its crew into space. .com / 0K5QPsEbbt-Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 18, 2021 The test flight of the SN10 is scheduled for March 3, 2021, article published by Xavier Demersman on March 3, 2021 followed by polar cold wave on March 3, 2021 . Texas and Boca Chica paralyzed SpaceX activities for a while at the site … and with one of the Raptor engines following last week, with a prototype of the starship taking time to test. A launch window opens at 3pm KST today, and this time all conditions seem to be correct. Martez, the gateway to Mars. – Austin Barnard (@ austinbarbard45) March 3, 2021 Everyone is eyeing this SN10. Which is caused by performing stratospheric flight and successfully returns to rest a few moments later. Recall that the previous SN8 serial number and, a month earlier, SN9 had failed during their descent resulting in a crash. Hopefully this is correct by the launch of the SN10 this afternoon. © NASA Spaceflight

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