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This Continues After

“Robert the Bruce” is something like “Braveheart 2”. Because the movie begins where Mel Gibson’s epic ended. A few weeks ahead of the historical play’s release for home theaters, here’s the German trailer to get you in the mood:

“Braveheart 2” is coming – well, sort of. Because even though “Robert the Bruce” may not be the official, direct continuation of the famous historical epic, there is much more to it than just another piece of Scottish history.

Because Richard Gray’s film not only skips Mel Gibson’s epic, but also brings in Angus McFadden for a comeback. He has already played Robert the Bruce in “Braveheart” – and is now returning to the same role.

That’s what “Robert the Bruce” is about

Scotland, 1306: The new king Robert the Bruce has just suffered a fatal defeat by the English army – and even worse: he has been on the run since a bounty was placed on him.

Driven out by the Scottish nobility and hunted by the soldiers he was still leading, he is eventually discovered in the woods by a boy whose father lost his life in favor of the Scottish king.

The boy’s mother, however, is doing well and shelters Robert the Bruce for a long, harsh winter. Enough time for the former head of state to plan to deliver the final blow to independence against England – a decision that would change the history of Scotland forever.

As good as “Braveheart”?

“Robert the Bruce” will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 2, 2020, and the film will be available as VOD on the popular streaming platform beginning September 25.

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And all “Braveheart” fans can finally wait a second – even if no second masterpiece is expected…

Pre-Order “Robert the Bruce” – DVD and Blu-ray*

In some parts of the world, such as the USA and Great Britain, the film has been shown longer, but critics were not really impressed with the praises. whereas Praises the camera work and large images, “Robert the Bruce” is heard from many sides (including Leslie Felperin) Guardian) chalk-up, especially since it was too long.

Accordingly, the film remains on the rating platform. metacritic Also currently (as of September 14, 2020) with only 42 out of 100 possible points. For this reason, “Braveheart” fans shouldn’t turn down the film entirely—Mel Gibson’s masterpiece, which got full marks in FILMSTARTS reviews, also got only a slightly above-average 68 points…

You can also watch the original trailer here – including the Scottish accent:


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