This will be the new version of the series “The Doctor and the Deer Cattle”

This will be the new version of the series

A flashy new version of TV favorite “The Doctor and the Deer Cattle” can be seen at Christmas.

One of the greatest classics of British television returns: “The Doctor and the Beloved Cattle” (From Wednesday, December 22nd, at 1.10pm WDR, Christmas specials on December 23rd and repeats during the day on December 25th and 26th) Produced by British broadcaster Channel 5 is a seven-part remake of the fascinating series that became our TV favorite since 1979.

That’s what “The Doctor and the Dear Cattle” is about

The story is told by James Heriot (Nicholas Ralph), who was highly motivated to take his first job as a veterinarian at the practice of his longtime colleague Siegfried Farnon (Samuel West) in the Dales, River Valleys in Yorkshire, England. in the 1930s. Farnon is a gruesome widower who lives with his housekeeper, Mrs. Hall (Anna Medley). Pregnant cows, stubborn horses, as well as skeptical farmers and dog owners like Diva await the bloody starter Heriot.

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Like Heriot, his actor is breaking new ground with “The Doctor and the Deer Cattle”: for Nicholas Ralph, who had previously been on stage for a tour of the National Theater in Scotland, his first role on a film set: ” There were still moments in between Takes when I had to pinch myself. And my colleague Callum Woodhouse, who plays Siegfried’s brother Tristan, had to first tell me that we could even have free breakfast on set at the theater. I have nothing like that,” the 31-year-old says in an interview and laughs.

The animals added increased tension to the ensemble. “It’s very difficult to schedule a shoot with a Taurus if you don’t know how he’s going to behave. In fact, those were the only days we used to shoot with animals,” says Samuel West, cast by Siegfried Farnen Gai and is already known from “Reunion in Howard’s End”. “Overall, they were more reliable than humans.”

Cats were an exception, with her colleague Anna Madley, who played Mrs. Hall, said: “It was as if I had to juggle things with claws. They just did what they wanted, so I followed their idea of ​​that scene. what it should look like.”

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Best British Television Tradition

Indeed, it was only a matter of time after the success of the British aristocratic drama “Downton Abbey” (2010–2015) and new adaptations such as “Return to the House at Eaton Place” (2010–2012) or “Poldark”. (2015-2019) Manufacturers will use this substance. The novel was written by the real James Heriot, who was actually called James Alfred Waite. He got the pseudonym because publishing a book under his name would have been interpreted as a prohibited advertisement for his practice.

His works have never really been forgotten: “Since their first publication, print runs have been consistently printed, with 80 million copies sold worldwide,” says producer Colin Callender. “When the books were first published, they were more popular in America than in England.” Of course, the series can be watched there as well – and there’s no end in sight as of now: a second season was already underway in Great Britain.


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