Thousands demonstrate in Glasgow for more climate protection

Thousands demonstrate in Glasgow for more climate protection
In chants on Friday, participants called for “system change” and more climate justice – especially for poor countries. “Capitalism is killing the planet”, “Act Now!” Or slogans like “Dinosaurs thought they had time” can be read on posters that should attract 100,000 people. Thunberg, Nakate, and Scottish rapper Loki are also in talks here. It also includes farmers, trade unions, religious groups, anti-racism activists, indigenous groups and local community groups, as it was said. The protest is part of a Global Day of Action that organizers estimate will see hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets in more than 200 cities around the world.

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Creativity knows no bounds in protests

There has already been a lot of constructive protest around the convention venue in Glasgow in recent days: activists from the Ocean Rebellion group demonstrated on Thursday against pollution of the world’s oceans as larger-than-life, bloody fish, while giant Pokémon figures to quickly end coal-fired power generation in Japan. Prior to this, some protesters had already disguised themselves as Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and other state leaders, playing a deadly game with the planet in the style of the Netflix series “Squid Game”. .

Greta Thunberg also took part in several protests and events during the summit and repeatedly expressed criticism that voices from the global south, particularly those affected by climate change, are not heard enough. “This is no longer a climate conference,” she tweeted on Thursday. “It’s a green celebration of the global north.” Due to varying access to coronavirus vaccines, as well as travel restrictions and visa regulations, travel to Glasgow was impossible for many interested parties.

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1.5 degree target just too far

In Scotland, nearly 200 countries are struggling to figure out how the goal of limiting global warming to a maximum tolerable level of 1.5 degrees is still achievable. As a first step toward that goal, more than 100 states on Tuesday pledged to stop the destruction of forests and other landscapes by 2030.

According to the plans presented by the states leading up to the summit, the world is moving towards 2.7 degrees along with its current plans with disastrous consequences. The conference will conclude on 12 November.



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