Tiktok carries the wind in the sails of heritage


Ticketock, a social network focused on putting short videos online, and especially on images of dancing or singing most frequently with recordings, has led to a surprising trend. More and more users have started recording interpretations of the seamen’s songs, mostly dating from the 19th century.

The origin of this sudden interest in the songs of Sailors can be found in the account of Nathan Evans, a 26-year-old Scotson. In December, he posted his explanation The vallerman, also known as Soon may the wellman comeA New Zealand song, sung by sailors in the late 19th century.

The video is overly simple, and Evans does the chorus himself, but it takes the social network by surprise with hundreds of thousands of views.


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. Original Sound – NATHANEVANSS

Challan is on: Videos of Sailors’ cover songs are, in fact, without explaining the origins of this craze. Charming chorus, easy to remember and pick up all together? The emergence of thrill and freedom while the health crisis condemns life on earth? The possibility of creating duets or more on social networks fits perfectly with the genre of oceanic songs.

In any case, the discovery of scores and other moments of sailors’ songs would have sought the websites of heritage establishments, which ordered sanitary closures worldwide. So much so that the British Library accelerated the publication of a work devoted to the songs of sailors.

Heritage: Pleasant restoration of an old dictionary

Sailor Song: The Santies and Ballads of High Seas, By Gerry Smith, will be published on January 21, AFP said, and readers will be able to discover about fifty of the creations, as well as their origins and editions.

For those who would be eager to discover some songs in the digital platforms of French, Gallica, BNF, Some houses

Photography: Illustration, Tyler, CC BY-SA 2.0

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