Tokyo Olympics: No miracle in the pool

Tokyo Olympics: No miracle in the pool

Tokyo | Canada must forget a place on the podium in the women’s water polo tournament.

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The argument was respected at the Tatsumi Center on Tuesday, as the Americans beat Canada 16-5. A brilliant start for the double US champion quickly ended the debate.

The United States took a 5–0 lead after only four minutes, prompting head coach David Paradello to request time off in an effort to stop the bleeding. “They told us to wake up and start again,” Axel Cravier said. It’s hard to start again when you lose by five goals. We had a solid game plan that we didn’t follow. We played better later, but trying to beat the best team in the world was tough and we started the game very poorly.

“I had to wake up the soldiers,” said Pardello, who could be heard from the press gallery, “and I should have done it sooner.” We were not ready to start the meeting. The girls were playing on the ankles. We’re better than what we’ve shown, but we haven’t won against the Americans for very long. We lived a few times. We played well in the Super Final in Greece in June and I expected a lot better in the Games.”

Despite the disappointment of being left out of the medal round and a record of one win and three losses in the preliminary round, everyone interviewed at the Canadian Clan thinks the team has made a significant step in the past year.

“There has been a lot of progress and together we can make something great,” said Cravier. The future is bright. It’s disappointing that we didn’t win a big match in Tokyo, but we weren’t there and we closed the gap.”

For the women’s team, this was their first participation in the Games since 2004. “This is an attempt to bring water polo back to television,” said Joel Bekhazzi. This is such a beautiful game. I am sure the program is moving in the right direction and our selection is no coincidence and there will be more in the future. I had dreamed of Olympics since 2005 and I made my dream come true. I also dreamed of being on the podium, but we shot each other in the foot at the start of the tournament and we knew it would be difficult against the Americans. “

Pardello also believes that the future is interesting. “As soon as we qualified, we told ourselves that we want to achieve great things, but above all we want to develop our game. The girls were nervous at the beginning of the tournament and showed a lack of experience. This Olympic experience gave us Let us grow, which will help us in three years in Paris. ”

Canada will now play from 5 to 8 position. A duel against Australia is on schedule which was lost 9–8 against Russia. Canada’s team lost 8–5 to Australia in their first match of the tournament.

at the foot of the podium

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It’s not just in the pool that Americans hurt Canadian women. At the velodrome, the United States chasing team won the bronze medal at the end of their race against Maple Leaf representatives.

Quebecer Ariane Bonhomme and her teammates covered 4000 meters in 4 minutes 10.552 seconds, 2.512 seconds more than their opponents.

To reach this race for bronze, the Canadians had the upper hand against France in the first round. Canadian track cyclists won the bronze medal in Rio.

It was the Germans, unsurprisingly, who conquered Tokyo, while the British were adorned with silver.

On the men’s side, a victory over the Germans in the first round was not enough to advance to the race for bronze. The two countries will meet later in the morning in the race for the classification for fifth place.

equestrian sports

This is a course without penalties that Mario Deslauriers completed with his Bardolina 2 in the show jumping event qualification in the equestrian sport.

The Venice-en-Québec rider overcame the hurdles in a time of 84.76 seconds, the fifth fastest time among the 25 athletes who completed a clear course.

Deslauriers, 56, will return to the show jumping finals on Wednesday, which will bring together the top 30 from qualifying, including a tie.


Oliver Bone and Jacob Saunders added 17I and 14I Placed in the last two out of 10 qualifying races in the 470 double dinghy sailing class.

Montreal’s Bon and Nova Scotia’s Saunders finished their Olympic runs in 17th place overall with 125 points.

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The medal race will pit the top 10 teams against each other in the standings on Wednesday after the qualifying race. The Australians are currently leading on 21 points, followed by the Swedes (41) and the Spaniards (45).

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