Tom Davis: This YouTuber crosses the entire country… in a straight line!

Tom Davis: This YouTuber crosses the entire country… in a straight line!

This is an idea that dates back to his childhood. Tom Davis and his brother enjoyed picking a point in the distance, like a television antenna, and went straight there, whether it was to climb mines, cross railroad tracks or farm fields. Now, this 30-year-old Briton is facing similar challenges, but on a much larger scale…

Tom Davis traverses the entire country in a straight line based on his GPS, relates Guardian. The young man films his adventures and posts them on his YouTube channel titled geowizard, or “The Magician of Geography”, which has about 1 million subscribers. Videos documenting his latest “straight line mission” across Scotland have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

“There is a lot that has already been done. All the mountains have been climbed, the rainforests have been crossed. People have crossed America on unicycles…”, Tom Davis asks to explain his point of view. “I love the thrill, the folly, the obstacles you face, the danger, ‘Oh my God, the journey is about to end, we’re about to be caught by a farmer’, adversity, and then the reward. You overcome these obstacles – it’s amazing”, he believes.

Production companies have approached Youtubeur to turn his adventures into a real television show. But Tom Davis isn’t interested: “I always thought they might want to do it their way. Right now I’m doing what I want to do and getting a lot of money for it.”

If Britain is currently continuing a crossing into Scotland “(his) geographically comfortable zone”, he aims to make a direct trip to Latin America next year: “It would technically be crossing a continent in a straight line from the coast of the Pacific to the coast of the Atlantic”.


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