Traffic chaos in Great Britain: 120 truck drivers caught in snow storm

Traffic chaos in Great Britain: 120 truck drivers caught in snow storm

Traffic Chaos in Great Britain
120 truck drivers trapped in snow storm

Hurricane “Arwen” has caused heavy traffic in Great Britain. While hundreds of trucks are stuck in snow for hours in England, commuters in Scotland have to do without their own train. Weather warnings are still there.

Thunderstorms and snowfall in Britain on Saturday night caused traffic jams and power outages in thousands of homes. On a motorway in the north-west of England, about 120 trucks were stuck in snow for several hours, as North West Motorway Police announced on Twitter.

In the north of England, tens of thousands of homes were cut off. Utility Northern PowerGrid said 55,000 affected customers, mostly in the northern areas of Northumberland and County Durham.

Several train connections in Scotland were disrupted. ScotRail encourages its customers to avoid travel whenever possible. Emergency services reported a large number of operations, for example due to fallen trees or damaged roofs. In Northern Ireland, a man died when his car fell from a tree.

According to the Met Office, the storm called “Arwen” sometimes reaches about 100 mph, which is equivalent to about 160 kph. The highest warning level has now been lifted, but the weather warning continued on Saturday.

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