Tragic life story of prince William of Gloucester | Royal Family

  Tragic life story of prince William of Gloucester |  Royal Family

The whole world knows Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. Hardly anyone knows: William has a name whose life ended tragically. It will be Prince William on 18 December From gloucester He is 79 years old.

Life could not have been a more promising start for Prince William on December 18, 1941: Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, and Princess Alice, son of the Duchess of Gloucester, he was born at number four corresponding to the British throne. His uncle is King George VI, his cousin the future Queen Elizabeth.

Prince William evolving into a heartthrob

Over the years, William grows up as a true prince: Royal is attractive, distinctive, daring, clever, sporty and therefore extremely sought after by women. He is “the royal star of his generation”, The Telegraph William would write decades later.

But the first focus is on academic training: William uses his innate fortune as a member of the extended royal family and also attended the famous Eton College, then Cambridge University, and later Standford University in the USA. He is also obtaining his pilot’s license. Over the years he bought many small aircraft and enjoyed attending air shows.

Prince William of Gloucester is photographed on his 21st birthday at his home, York House.

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A job offer with results

After his return to Great Britain, William did not serve at the Crown, but first at the Lazard Commercial Bank and then in Diplomacy. In 1965, Royal joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and moved to Lagos, Nigeria as Secretary to the High Commissioner. In 1968 he moved to the British Embassy in Tokyo. One move that should change their lives forever: the 26-year-old meets Hungarian juszy Starklof at a party.

Prince William falls in love with Juszy Starkloff

Starkloff recalls in Channel 4’s documentary “The Other Prince William” in 2015, saying, “My girlfriend gave a mascara ball and we sent an invitation to Prince William.” On paper she wrote: “Dear Prince Charming. We heard that a party is not a party without you and besides, I miss a shoe.” She signed “Cinderella”. Starkloff says the calculation works with William: “At the party he came to my table and asked if he could borrow Cinderella to dance. And then the relationship began.”

Despite their different backgrounds – different families, different countries, different languages ​​- both seek and find each other. There was no dispute, the model recalls. “We were just two people who were happy together.”

The palace is against relations between Prince William and Zusszi Starkloff

Mahal does not like this: Starkloff is a model, twice divorced, mother of a daughter, five years older than William, and of Jewish faith. Lots of no-goos for the British monarchy in the late 1960s. Another is the fear of Wallis Simpson, which caused King Edward’s health to deteriorate in 1936 and a national crisis.

William finds himself in what is probably the biggest dilemma of his young life. In an interview to the Daily Mail in August 2012, Zusszi Starkloff says, “William had a lot of loyalty to his family. He wanted to do the right thing and of course I supported him.” I am impressed. ”

A royal wedding? locked out!

William is writing about his girlfriend to his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. “They were against me,” the model recalls to the Daily Mail and adds that it was not a shock to her. Rajkumar is disappointed with his parents’ disapproval, but holds on to his love. Still, after a visit to Tokyo in September 1969, when Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret, warned him not to rush things to the wedding. One clear hint: The royal family does not agree with Zsuzsi Starkloff as the future Duchess of Gloucester.

But William was not saddened: as a token of his love, he gave Zuszsi a signature ring, which the original Hungarian has worn around his neck to this day. “I had no doubt that he intended to marry us,” says Starkloff in the documentary. When Prince Henry suffers a heart attack, William has to return home. In July 1970, after three months of spatial isolation, he was followed by Starkloff.

Zsuzsi Starkloff knows the royals, but …

William and Zsuszi spend six weeks in Great Britain. First in Scotland with William’s uncle, then in Barnwell, the country seat of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. “I was given a great welcome by the Duchess,” says Starkloff. She was warm and sociable, sat with her flowers and handicrafts and we chatted. But she was very reserved and it was difficult to know what she was really thinking. “About the meeting.

William wrote a letter to his cousin, Queen Elizabeth. According to the Royal Act of Marriage Act of 1772, she required his consent to marry her noble love. “He said she was very kind and asked him to follow her heart. But Prince Philip was quite upset about our marriage,” recalls Zucci. “It was difficult because I didn’t want to see William fight. He wanted to be with me, but he felt very compelled.”

Diverges from royal model

William finally succumbs to family pressure in August 1970 and tells Zussazi, who pitched her tent in New York after visiting the Royals, that she wanted to take a break. He leaves his career as a diplomat and returns to the family property of Barnwell Manor as an administrator. He took his royal duties very seriously, Starklof decades later. The couple keep in touch with letters and phone calls. Starkloff’s hope: One day after marriage everyone can be accepted. But the signs are bad.

Juszy Starkloff at London's Heathrow Airport in September 1970.

Juszy Starkloff at London’s Heathrow Airport in September 1970.

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Prince William and love

In 1972, William gave reporter Audrey Whiting an interview for Sunday Mirror, in which he said that if he ever married his wife, it should not only be appropriate for him, but also in the eyes of other family members. Against superior knowledge, William begins a relationship with Nicole Seif, but she is also not a suitable wife: he too was married once and has a mother.

In the summer of the same year, William asked Zusszy Starkloff if she wanted to come to England and participate in an airplane race with him. The Hungarians have obligations and should refuse. He and Shahi end their conversation by promising to see each other soon. But this does not happen.

“The last time I saw William he was at the airport when he dropped me on the British Airways seat. I remember I was sad, but wearing too big sunglasses to hide the fact, but Zuszie Starkloff in the documentary says, “I was thinking of the Prince’s departure in the 1970s.”

Prince William of Gloucester died in a plane crash

On August 28, 1972, William took part in the Goodyear International Air Trophy at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport. He was behind the wheel after the plane crashed and went into flames just minutes after take-off. On his finger: a replica of a ring he once gave to Zusszi. The cause of the accident, which also killed co-pilot Vril Mitchell, never comes to light. Prince William finds his final resting place in the tomb of the royal family on the Frogmore Estate in Windsor.

In August 1972, Prince William's debris fell.

In August 1972, Prince William’s debris fell.

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Prince Henry died two years after the accident. The royal duchy, which William had inherited from his father, went to his younger brother Prince Richard. Today’s Prince William, it is said, is named after his deceased relative: Prince Charles was influenced by Prince William of Gloucester and so named his firstborn after him.

That became Zsuzsi Starkloff

Zuszi Starkloff lived in the US after Williams’ death and made a new life there. He obtained his pilot’s license and opened his own flight school – a tribute to his late love that always encouraged him to learn to fly. “I still think of her every day,” she said in 2015 as Prince William, 79 years old.

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