Train chaos ahead of World Climate Conference in Glasgow: Trees slow down activists

Train chaos ahead of World Climate Conference in Glasgow: Trees slow down activists

Hundreds of environmental activists, journalists and delegates wanted to take the train to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (Scotland) – but all things nature got in their way.

Among other things, workers are trapped at Euston station in London after a tree fell on an overhead line in a storm, breaking the only direct connection between the British capital and Glasgow. The alternative rail route to Scotland along the east coast was also damaged.

A tree fell on an overhead line in the county of Northamptonshire on Sunday night, as announced by route operator Network Rail. Train company Avanti West Coast has advised passengers not to continue the journey till Monday.

Environmental journalist Cecilia Keating posted a picture of an overcrowded waiting room on Twitter and wrote: “Hundreds of delegates to a climate conference are stuck in Euston because British infrastructure is not able to cope with climate change.”

Next time arriving by bus car or plane, Keating still doesn’t want to: “One would think that there was a way for Rishi Sunak (British Treasury Secretary) to invest in trains in Great Britain rather than cheap and make it easier for people. Will have good reason. To fly,” she tweeted.

I Otherwise too: Climate activist Greta Thunberg (19) was smart enough to travel in time for the predicted storm. She arrived in Glasgow on a specially provided “climate train” on Saturday afternoon.

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It was only on Sunday morning that the G20 countries (including Germany, the US, France, Great Britain, China, Russia) agreed to try to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees compared to the pre-industrial era. International public funding for new coal-fired power plants should end at least by the end of the year. The G20 seeks to help developing countries move out of coal technology “as soon as possible”.


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