Train derailed – many dead

Train derailed - many dead

Scotland is shaken by a severe disaster. There is a train to the north Derailed, Smoke was seen in the sky. Many were fatal and injured.

Many people were injured in a train accident in Scotland. “Despite the efforts of paramedics, we unfortunately have to confirm that three people were declared dead at the time of the accident,” the British police said on Wednesday. The train driver is believed to be among the victims. The train, which is said to have had about a dozen people, derailed after heavy rains near the town of Stonehaven on Wednesday morning.

This storm probably caused landslides. According to the PA, the locomotive fell under an embankment in one of its four wagons. Hours earlier, the railway operator, Scotrell, warned of flooding in the area.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon spoke of the “extremely serious accident” on the short message service Twitter. According to police, six people are being treated in the hospital. None of them have been reported to be seriously injured.

Police said they were called to the scene of the crash near the town of Stonehaven, south of Aberdeen, at 9.43 am (local time; 10.43 am CEST). Accordingly, around 30 rescue vehicles were on site. On video clips from the crash site posted on television, smoke was seen rising.

Heavy thunderstorms and torrential rain

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his condolences to the victims. He said, “It is with great sadness that I learned a very serious incident in Aberdeenshire. My thoughts are for all concerned.” The Prime Minister thanked the local forces.

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Scottish MP Andrew Bowie spoke of a “massive rescue operation”. He had already spoken to British Transport Minister Grant Shapps about the incident. “My thoughts involve everyone,” Bowie tweeted.

On Wednesday night, heavy thunderstorms and torrential rains flooded north-east Scotland. According to the Scottish Railways, rail traffic was disrupted due to heavy rains and lightning strikes.


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