“Tralla”, the first masked music

“Tralala”, the new film by Jean-Marie and Arnaud Larrieu, is a story. Gare Montparnasse, a street musician in front of a young girl in Madonna’s blue color, and the same musician launched in search of her, who was in Lourdes some time later.

A feature of the ninth feature film by the Pyrenean brothers, shot last September in Marian City: “Tral”, the film’s title and the main character’s name (Matthew Amalric, favorite actor *) is a musical.

The idea sprang from “Un Homme Un Trees” (2002), in which Matthew was already singing a song. “It was Philippe Caterin, who composed it, we remembered it for Tral’s 20-cow passage”, says Arnaud Larrieu, “but each character has its composers, Dominique A for Josienne Balasco, Maeven for Etienne Dahoe. Galatia. Belugi, young. Girl, managed on her own, “continued the co-director, revealing her iconic cast.

Supported by the sector through the mechanism of silver-films (up to € 250,000, indicates committee chairman Serge Reguard), “Tralala” is the first film shot with masked actors.

Leslie, Kovid Reference

“It was on the first day of filming in Paris, when we saw masked people coming out of the station, that we decided to integrate this reality, it would be a time marker, and it encouraged us to be more creative” , Said Arnaud. The actors could remove the mask for the song “and a kiss and only for the actual kiss in the film”. In the team, stage manager Leslie Floch took on the mandatory task of referencing Kovid. It was she who was responsible for disinfecting the set and everything that was touched every day, also one who distributed new masks every four hours. No one was a victim of coronavirus, with the exception of one extra at the end of filming. “Trolla” will be ready for release in the spring, “Before Cannes … If Cannes Looks”, Larrieu hopes.

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As director, Matthew Amalik has just shot “Sere-Moi Fort” in Saint-Gaudens (31).


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